SPONSORSHIP OFFER - I am pleased to announce the latest 100 Steem Sponsorship Offer this time going to @steemkindness to help support their Charitable Campaign

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support #Steem Promoters and Teams around the World through Sponsorships - Supporting @steemkindness to help support their Charitable Campaign

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Sponsorship Offer to @steemkindness to help support their Charitable Campaign

With a growing number of Off-line #Steem Promotional Campaigns now running around the World helping out with the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit I am always on the look out for new Campaigns to help support and help contribute towards funding.

Earlier today I read about the amazing work that @steemkindness is doing and the hard work these guys are putting in to help support those in need.

This is an incredible Project and one that I am immensely proud to offer to help out with a 100 #Steem Sponsorship.

Latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Offer

The latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Offer is this time going to @steemkindness to help support their Charitable Campaign and one that I am really excited to see agreed.

Sponsorship Offer

The Sponsorship Offer with @steemkindness to help support their Charitable Campaign is as follows...

  1. One-off single payment of 100 #Steem

  2. The Sponsorship Payment is to help towards the cost of distributing School Equipment for underprivileged elementary school children, including the following:

    a. Notebooks
    b. Pencils
    c. Pens
    d. Rulers
    e. Erasers
    f. Other various equipment as needed

  3. Distribution and Packaging bag to display the SK and @steemkindness logos

  4. #Steemit Posts by @steemkindness and their team promoting the Campaign on #Steemit to include the #Promo-Steem tag as one of the first x5 tags of their Posts

  5. SK to help support and promote the Campaign on #Steemit and Twitter

  6. The 100 #Steem Sponsorship Payment made to @steemkindness to be distributed by @steemkindness to help towards covering the costs in items 2.0 above

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#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Acceptance

If the Sponsorship Offer is of interest to @steemkindness and they would like to proceed with the Offer, I will transfer the 100 #Steem over to their account and make a formal announcement of the Sponsorship.

Looking forward to being able to support and promote @steemkindness and their team as they roll out this amazing Charitable Campaign as much as I can.

Further Sponsorships

I will be announcing further Sponsorships over the next few days and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support #Steem Promoters around the World through Sponsorships

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Thank you for sponsoring charities from the Steem Kindness program... The Steem Kindness team will soon plan a design and print packaging for school supplies for students from poor families with the RK and Steem Kindness Logo...

Thank you again for your support, Mr. @stephenkendal best wishes for you and your family..

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That is great news.

I will confirm the announcement of the Sponsorship later today and will transfer the 100 #Steem over to your Wallet at the same time.

Good luck with your Project and thanks again for giving me the opportunity to Sponsor your Campaign.


My pleasure sir, and Thank you for supporting Steem Kindness for #promosteem activities through society empowerment programs and charity activities

Best wishes for Stephen

Thank You very much Sir, for your kindness in providing sponsorship assistance to our activities "PromoSteem" through the @steemkindness Program, helping school equipment for underprivileged elementary school children. We really appreciate your help. We will do our best for this program Sir.

Best Regards
@steemkindness Team : @tucsond, @harferri, @subkiusman.

Dear mentor @stephenkendal has done it again..great work of humanity is how much life you touch..@stephenkendal you have impacted a lot to people life on this awesome platform, like I will always say; your kind act is second to none..thank you for all the good work you have been doing to make sure everyone succeed..

Let me also say a big congratulation to @steemkindness for meeting all the required criteria and eligible for the offer to help support Charitable Campaign..
I strongly believe this offer will go a long way to help support School Equipment for underprivileged elementary school children, including the following:

a. Notebooks
b. Pencils
c. Pens
d. Rulers
e. Erasers
f. Other various equipment as needed as mentioned....

You have sponsored a lot of #steem to promote #steem but this is the aim of the #promo-steem project but you have also sponsored almost 1000 #steem to help children to feed them and for their study.
It’s really proves the greatness of @stephenkendal.
This guy @steemkindness has run a great campaign to help people by using this great platform. More users should come forward to help people like @steemkindness. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your support @rohiny

There are still a huge number of children who can't eat 3 times in a day and they have to work for eating and there are also a huge number of children who are stopping their study due to lack of money. Even in our country also and I have seen this all situation in front of my eyes. So I know the pain of this kind of children.
I salute the job of @steemkindness and he deserve some more support for this great job.
I hope this sponsorship will encourage others people to support his work. Thank you @steemkindness and Thanks for this great sponsorship @stephenkendal.

This sponsorship will be very useful for him to help children and it will also help the #promo-steem project to promote #steem. This is the best place to attract people joining #steemit because it will express the greatness of this platform. Every child need to be educated and support of us will help them to be educated.
I must say thanks to @steemkindness for what he is doing and you really find a perfect person to provide this sponsorship. I hope @steemkindness will do something big through this great campaign. Thank you.

It's really amazing to see that you have made an offer to @steemkindness, maybe 100 #Steem sponsored will support their program in empowering the lower middle class economic community in Indonesia.

Congratulations on your decision, it will be part of the promotion and support marketing and growth of #Steem value. This will also further increase the development and popularity of #Steemit among entrepreneurial owners.

We are proud of the achievements of @steemkindness and we support them. Hopefully the lower middle class economic community will prosper and prosper. Warm greetings from us, Success for your program.

Thanks for your support @bangmimi

Anda luar biasa kanda @harferri, Terimakasih sudah banyak bimbingan selama ini.

Education is very important for nation and a better future world. @steemkindness is really doing great job to help people through #steemit. This kind of job really deserve support from every #steemit user. This sponsorship will help the children to continue their education very much. You are really a great sponsor. Thank you so much.

We can make our living with whatever we get however; we can make the lives of other what we have to offer. You are doing an amazing work,Sir.. We are proud of you, We love you❤️

He is making this platform better by helping the helpless people with #steemit. We should help him to continue this great job. It will help that people very much to lead a better life and promoting #steem also. I hope he will shine the name of this platform by helping people. Thank you.

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