My goal is to help onboard to Steemit +1,000,000 new users..!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steemit with #steemtalent

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Marketing and Promoting #Steemit and the #STEEM #Blockchain

Having been on #Steemit now for just over 2 years, I wanted to quickly share with you my goal for the next 3 years.

As the #steemtalent Project continues to grow, my goal is to help onboard to #Steemit +1,000,000 new users..!!

This Friday, Stefania and I will be making an announcement down in London regarding the launch of #Promo-DigiByte.

I am excited to see how the launch of this new and exciting Project is viewed.

Thanks for supporting #steemtalent

Thanks for reading and once again thank you to everyone around the World that has supported the #Promo-Steem #steemtalent Project.



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That is a nice goal! Hope we can support you to achive this!

Great goal .

Wao.... I can just imagine what the influx of 1 million new users will do....
And best of luck with #Promo-DigiByte

Hopefully you achieve your goal,Wonderful work sir,

Superb post @stephenkendal outstanding!

Shared on twitter. Stephen

In preparation for the news that Stefania and I will be announcing on Friday, my goal for the next 3 yrs is to help onboard to #Steemit +1,000,000 new users!! #DigiByte #DGB #DGBAT #DGBATofficial #DigiByteCoin #stefixy #blockchain #cryptocurrency @steemit


Great goal setting. Hope you become succeed in your goals

I gave you a vote!
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Enjoy some !popcorn courtesy of @rudrakshpareek !

Great project, I hope it is very successful

Have you looked into employing SteemTipper as a way to attract people through tips on other platforms?

great friend that good

Your idea of helping 1m new users is same as mine. I am already trying to work on a project that will make this possible, I am willing to extend a hand especially from Africa and Nigeria.