Looking forward to continuing to support as many Projects around the World that are helping out with the Marketing and Promoting of Steem and Steemit. Launching the SK token in the future.

#Promo-Steem - Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem around the World - Launching the SK token in the future

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Marketing and Promoting #Steem around the World

As the #Promo-Steem Project continues to grow I am looking forward to continuing to support as many Projects around the World that are helping out with the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit.

With a growing army of #Steem Promoters now coming together to help out with the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem it has been an absolute pleasure to help support their Marketing Projects and Campaigns through a number of successful Sponsorships over the past few months.

I want more Users and Accounts to copy what I am doing

Hopefully these last few months have shown that #Steem is unlike anything we have known in the past and when it comes to Marketing and Promoting #Steem we have to think completely different.

Unlike any conventional Business, Project or Entity, #Steem has a Zero Budget when it comes to allocating funds for Marketing and has to rely solely on the mechanism of the #Steem Protocol and #Steem Community to allocate funds to Promotional and Marketing Activities.

By demonstrating that Sponsorships are a powerful tool to help fund Marketing Activities I want more users and accounts to copy what I am doing and support those that are giving up their valuable time and resources to help bring awareness to #Steem.

Do you have a Marketing Project or Campaign and would like some support?

If you have a Marketing Project or Campaign that you would like some support in funding, please do not hesitate to leave details in the comments of any of my Posts and I will take a look at your Project.

SK token

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SK token

Since rebranding the @stephenkendal account on #Steemit a few months ago to SK #Steem Promotions the support I have received has been truly overwhelming and I cannot thank you all enough for the kind messages you have sent.

The rebranding of the @stephenkendal account to SK #Steem Promotions was to allow the scalability of the support for the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem off-line.

This scalability off-line is slowly taking shape and I am looking forward to talking more about the vision of the Project and the launch of the SK token in the future.

Having a token that would be used to help drive the #Promo-Steem Project and the anticipated revolutionary change when it comes to Social Media Content Marketing on #Steem is something I have talked about over the past few years and I am really excited to see it launched.

Massive Thanks

In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to support as many Projects around the World that are helping out with the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit and are always on the look out for more Sponsorships to agree.

You guys are all doing a tremendous job and I love you all.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem around the World - Launching the SK token in the future

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Whenever @stephenkendal Sir posts something new ‌Come on .. Today I found out about future SK Token through Sir post. In the future ‌‌We ‌Promotors are going to get #SK Token Project ..

The #promosteem project has come a long way with the cooperation of promoters. We will promote the SK Token Project in the future in the same way we have promoted #promo-steem ..

We are all ready to promote any project of @stephenkendal Sir in the future.I Am really exited about sk token.. Go Ahead Sir❤️❤️❤️

I appreciate your work always. Whenever you shared a post on #steemit i shared it on twitter. You are onto launching Sk token in future, i was surprised to see that first. From the start till now i didn't listen like this news from you. But now you are doing it @stephenkendal. I will say it is also a good decision from you for the #steemit. Everybody will know about the token, this will be not only token, the #SK token will be a brand for us. i am with you, i will be with #steemit always and also do the thing that is good for #steemit.

You are already doing a big job here on steemit to #promote steem worldwide. I see many more projects from all over the world are sponsored by you with 100 steem coin. It's a big job here. And i hope if possible you will spread your boundary to #promote steem all over the world sponsoring more and more projects form different part of the world. I see you are the most devoted person in the world who work by his heart to #promote steem.

That will be fabulous idea i had ever known. You will launch the SK token in future, what can be good except this. I didn't think it before that you will launch a token, even no one thing about it. You have the best mind in #steemit and the best knowing person in #steemit. I will be with you like the all people here. No one will say that this is a bad idea because its the best idea. Go on sir @stephenkendal everyone will be with you. And thank for sharing this important information with us. Best wishes for you sir.

I want more Users and Accounts to copy what I am doing<

Indeed , your action is Worthy to emulate .How I wish that more whales we have in this community will support this noble promo steem project, Steem coin will bounce back to its first - twemthy position it was in coin market before. One thing I promise everyone is that better days are coming in steem ecosystem

Without you sir @stephenkendal the #promotion of steemit will be nothing. If the #promo-steem has a human body then you will be the heart of it, the main part in it. Now around the world anyone can #promote steem as his way. All the matter is how people can attract with #steem. We have to keep the good work, now the #promoters are doing so good all over the world, if this work go for so long then #steem will never be down. Steem is best till now and will be first in future also. Thanks for your those support sir.

Muchas Gracias Sir @stephenkendal seguiré promocionando y contribuyendo con el crecimiento de la plataforma Steemit 🤳... Muchas Gracias por su Apoyo y Colaboración 😘🤗🙏Estoy en la realización de un slogan y unas franelas que espero le gusten .. Muchas Gracias Dios lo Bendiga 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

The #steem ecosystem is developing and we have to continue it. The promotional activities need to increase for that and more users to copy what you are doing is essential for increasing the promotional activities of #promo-steem project. There are many promoters for the #promo-steem project but we have very few suporter and sponsor for this project like you. More sponsors and supporters is now urgent for the #promo-steem project and we should look for supporters of this project.
I hope we will get more supporters and sponsors for this project very soon.
It would be great if you launch SK token.
Thank you.

Every #steemit users should know that, actually what you are doing and what your motive is. Many users of #steemit still don't know about the #promo-steem project and how it is helpful for every #steemit users. If we can reach every #steemit user and inform them about #promo-steem project and SK #Steem Promotions brand the we will obviously get some users who will copy your great activities.
Want to know more about launching of SK token.
Thank you.

SK Token

I'm very interested in this project sir, this is definitely very helpful for us in giving appreciation to all #promo-steem users. this is very possible because of the large #promo-steem community. its good value for launch sk token.

Dukungan yang sungguh sangat luar biasa, dan tidak pernah lelah tuan @stephenkendal memberikan dukungan kepada semua promotor dan steemians yang ingin mempromosikan #steem dan steemit di seluruh indonesia. Sehat selalu untuk tuan @stephenkendal semoga tuhan selalu memberkati tuan. 😎

SK token wow! Will waiting to earn some SK tokens in future. I'm really very excited after hearing this from you sir SK! We love earning #steem and #tron, SK token will be a great addition. 😊

To me our motivation comes from you..you mean a lot to us and u have helped us in various means! You have cut across Every nation.
Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem around the World - Launching of the SK token in the future will be a welcome development..

With your courage and support I was able to start up promoting steemit/steem in my office.

It’s really great news that SK token is going to be launched in future. You have great knowledge about cryptocurrency and I hope something big is going to happen with SK token. The SK token logo is looking very nice.
It would great, if there were some more people like you to promote #steem from heart. Then the #promo-steem project will reach its goal very soon.
Thank you so much.

There are many #steem promotional project running in #steemit but It's difficult to find them all. So promotion of SK Steem Promotions and SK logo is very important. By promoting SK #Steem Promotions they will be informed about what you are doing and what they should do to get sponsorship for their #steem promotional project.
Waiting for the SK token.
Thank you.

I initially thought you had released an actual token..silly me..haha. The SK brand has gained strong grounds. It is now time for take-off. To the moon.

Your footsteps was greatly an inspiration to be copied sir stephen. Coz you had really done a tremendous success and achievement over #steemit platform. You really an inspiration here!

Terimakasih @stephenkendal yang telah membagikan ide-ide yang luar biasa, dan akan ada meluncurkan sk token di masa depan semoga #steem# akan terus berkembang di suruh dunia

Every stasec you have taken was really great for the #promo-steem project and I think your knowledge and strategy is more important than sponsorship and upvote support to promoters. If we get at least 10× @stephenkendal who will copy what you are doing then this platform and the #steem crypto will be the number one in the world very soon.
Glad to know about SK token.
Thank you.

You are doing a great job in making steemit a big Blockchain. Keep it up

I followed and read your post, it's amazing, you have farsighted vision.

unfortunately I can only do promos on a small scale, introducing steemit, steem and crypto currency to those closest to me.

I take a personal approach, except this Wednesday, I plan to make a presentation in front of 10 students, good luck.

Greetings success for us all.

I am happy every time there is a new sponsorship or new news regarding this great project, in which we are all involved, it is convenient for all of us that this project is strengthened as it is doing, greetings to all who provide collaboration, either a lot or a little, the important thing is that we all collaborate.

I am very happy to see and read this news. hopefully eat a lot of people who do #promo-steem we support you sir

you do have big plans, and I will also continue to try to introduce steem and Steemit in my environment. good luck SK Steem promotions

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Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.




Definitely # promo-steem carry the flag of the victors. Congratulations.

sk is a brand. We hope that through this Steemit will move forward. I am always trying to work according to your direction. I post to everyone in my community every day Let me know by promoting what is Steemit for promotion.

Hello sir here is my new flyer for promoting steem in my city. I am using SK logo in my flyer. Also adding QR code for easily access in steemit/steem.


I want more users and accounts to copy what I am doing and support those that are giving up their valuable time and resources to help bring awareness to #Steem

Interesting, wanted to know more for information like what you do and what user can copy, how this execute?

#india #affable

I support steem and I do understand the approach behind this campaign, but I must say that I don't think it will show the right results.

Blockchain Marketing is not about sharing stuff just for the purpose of sharing, It's about giving real value to the readers by creating informative content that enlighten the reader.