If you have a Project or Campaign that is Marketing and Promoting Steem and would like to receive one of the 100 Steem Sponsorships please free to leave details of your Project in the comments below.

#Promo-Steem - Marketing and Promoting #Steem around the World through Sponsorships

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Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem through Sponsorships

With a number of 100 #Steem Sponsorships now successfully agreed I would like to once again give a Massive Shout-Out to all those that have received one of the #OneHundredSteem Sponsorships and help with supporting their Marketing Campaign.

As the Marketing of #Steem continues to strengthen I am always on the look out for new Marketing Projects and Promotional Campaigns that standout from the crowd.

Use the #Promo-Steem tag as one of your first x5 tags

If you have a Marketing Project or Promotional Campaign and would like some support, including help with funding, please ensure to use the #Promo-Steem tag as one of your first x5 tags in your Post.

By using the #Promo-Steem tag there is a high chance that I will pick up your Post and if I like what I see I will ensure to give you a generous 100% Upvote and a #RESTEEM to my Blog.

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship

Posts that demonstrate to bring added value to #Steem and require funding will be considered for one of the #OneHundredSteem Sponsorships and I look forward to reaching out to more #Steem Promoters around the World with Sponsorship Offers to help support their Campaigns.

If you have a Project or Campaign that is Marketing and Promoting #Steem and would like to receive one of the 100 #Steem Sponsorships please free to leave details of your Project or Campaign in the comments below and I will take a good look at it.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Supporting #Steem Promoters around the World through Sponsorships

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As the #promotion of steem is open for all now, so anyone can do anything to promote #steem in all over the world. I think we should focus on the sight that gathers many people, like in a sports, in a market. But i think working in a sports will be good for #steem. Sports can attract or can gather so many people in one place, in a open field or in a stadium wherever the sports will be going on. All matter is to tell or let them know about #steemit. If they are good knowledge about internet or blogging then no one will reject to join #steemit. Thank you sir @stephenkendal for this support open for everyone.

I think we should focus on the sight that gathers many people, like in a sports, in a market. But i think working in a sports will be good for #steem. Sports can attract or can gather so many people in one place, in a open field or in a stadium wherever the sports will be going on

I could not agree more.

I am open to Sponsoring #Steem Sporting Promotional Events.


You are making the process easier to get sponsorship from you. Now anyone can ask for a sponsorship who want to promote #steem. The promotional activities are also increasing for this. You are sponsoring more than 1000 #steem monthly and we are getting many new promoters for the #promo-steem project because of this huge sponsorship. You really invested a lot of #steem for promoting #steem and that's why today #promo-steem project is here.
Always great wishes for #promo-project.
May God bless you.

Dear sir @stephenkendal, Thank you for opening an offer for SK Promotions Sponsorship.

We just made a meeting and socializing as a member of "The Youth Steem Community" in Indonesia


So in that case we are preparing a program to continue doing #Promo-Steem in Indonesia. Promoting #Steem and #Steemit to the Community and Youth in Indonesia.

Then I want to add the distribution of #Promo-Steem t-shirts published by the team "The Youth Steem Community" or @youthsteem.team.


This plan started from several parties and our sympathizers who asked for the t-shirt to be printed, they liked it and wanted to join us.

In this case, you will most likely print the t-shirt we had planned for the first edition. At that time we sent you an official proposal for the #contest and #onehundredsteem.

We also need some other #Promo-Steem attributes, like banners, flyers and stationery. This will help us to be more effective in working for #Promo-Steem in Indonesia.

Thank you, please consider. Glad to be able to participate with your Steemit project. Greetings from us Steemit Indonesian Youth.


thanks for support me and our team, Nice to meet you. You're the best Mr. Stephen. I Wil to do the best and learning more in your experience.

It could not be easier, everyone without exception, if you have a large or small marketing and promotion project, do not hesitate to share it with Stephen, so that you can reach an agreement. This project gets bigger and bigger.

I know that anyone can join this #pormotion work for #steemit. Its is good for the future of this platform. I want to do a thing for #steemit. There is a football tournament going on here, today our team won the 1st semifinal match and the final match will be in October 2 of this year. So i want to make a banner for our team and on it all the logo of #promo-steem and i want to print some paper that i can give people and tell them about #steemit and also want to make some t-shirt with steem and SK logo. I want to do that because i love this platform and i want that #steemit grow more. @stephenkendal sir is that a good idea? If you like this or want to make changes in those things please tell me about it sir.

I had a good look at your Blog and saw this photograph you posted.

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Is this tournament still running and if so would you be able to display a 4m x 2m vinyl promotional banner for the spectators and players to see?


The tournament is still goin on. There will be 2 more matches in that tournament. 2nd semifinal is in 25 September and the final will be in 2 October. I can display a 4m x 2m banner for the players and people to see the banner. What next should i do? I forgot to mention you sir @stephenkendal, so i edited this comment again.

It’s easy to understand how you love #steem and this platform after reading this blog. You have done a huge sacrifice for the #promo-steem project and this sacrifice will take this platform on the best position. I believe that #steemit is the best platform for social media or blogging in the world and we just need to promote #steem to reach our goal. The PromoSteem community and #promo-steem project is growing very fast for your great sponsorship. I think 90% people will join this platform after knowing about it and you are exactly doing this. Wherefore the #promo-steem project is getting stronger day by day.
Thank you.

Good morning sir.
After printing a large banner measuring 800 x 150 centimeters that i will put on my coffee car business, now i want to continue printing the stickers that I will paste on the two bodies of my Steem Coffee Vans, when finished I will publish stickers and banners at the same time when my Steem Coffee Vans open.


Consultation on the cost of ordering a Steem-promo sticker on the Steem Voffee Vans body

You can support me if you are generous and like it.

Thank you 🙏

The Banner for Steem Coffee Vans is Ready - Publication Plan is Coming Soon

Hello Sir @stephenkendal, I am so grateful for another offer which you are giving to support the promotion of #steem all over the world, God bless you immensely.

Our Team In Nasarawa

Presently we have joined in #steemit outdoor promotion this we do by wearing our #steemit t-shirt and the use of promotional banner and fliers. We go to different higher institutions since that's the place we can meet with young stars who understand the digital world better. We also go ahead to meet with the school heads and lecturers.

Our Banner

We have adopted this as an event since it helps in the enlightenment of people and we have been getting great harvest from it. We also host seminars too as the case may be all in the bid to promote steemit.

Our Flier

Now we wish to have more promotional materials like the roll up flex at the current price of steem is 104.65 steem and more fliers at the current price of steem is 50 steem that will help us in #promo-steem in Nasarawa City, Nigeria. I believe it will help us to have a wider coverage since people tend to believe more in what they see..


Gradually we can have more t-shirts for our team members who have not gotten one yet.


Thank you for your request for Sponsorship.

I am sure that this is something that I will be able to help you with.

When you say roll up flex, what do you mean, what size is it and is this a vinyl banner?

If I was to Sponsor you 100 #Steem would you be happy to change your flyer design shown and make it into a banner design?


If so, for 100 #Steem what would be the largest vinyl banner you could print?


Thank you so much Sir for the willingness to support my @steemit project

Roll up Flex Size
80 inches height by 35 inches width.

Yes changing the flier design into a banner format is something i will wish to do with joy.

This is My Sample

Best Regards


If you can incorporate the following using your flyer design as the format and leave it here, I will take a look at it.

Please include the following....

a. SK logo
b. PromoSteem Community logo
c. #Promo-Steem tag
d. Reference to #Steem
e. #Steem logo
f. #Steemit logo (followed by the words "steemit.com")
g. Reference to the SteemAlive Community


Ok sir, I have all that you mentioned already represented in the banner except the #promo-steem logo.

Could you please help me with it so that I can add to the design.

Thank you

Every sponsor should be like you. This kind of sponsorship offer is really a big deal for the #promo-steem project. There is no sponsor who ask to provide sponsorship but you always do this. Sometime your open offer surprised many promoters when you announce to support them. The #promo-steem project will go on the top for your this kind of greatness. We are going to get some new promoters of #steem by this blog.
Thank you so much.

I didn't see anyone who knows better promotion that you or giving support to the #promoters than you. Sir @stephenkendal you are giving 100 steem for each people who wants to do #promotion of #steemit. And now you are launching the SK token. With the two things the #promo-steem will be more stronger. If anyone want to make some poster or make big banner, hire speaker for announcement everyone can get that sponsorship from you. I told you before about the cricket tournament but now i know that will be some late. When the tournament will start i will let you know sir. Good day.

Really good job sir. An Amazing promotional way. I have design flyer to promote steemit in my city. If I get this amazing Sponsorships opportunity it will help me to promote steemit. I want to print 100 flyer to promote stemit.



Some promotional equipment is essential for promotional campaign and that's why many users are not interested to run a promotional campaign for #steem. This is the perfect place for them who want to promote #steem and need sponsorship by sharing a good idea of promoting #steem. This blog is a huge inspiration for everyone to be a promoter.
Thank you.💝

It was really a great offer for every #steem promoter. There are many promoters promoting #steem but many new will try to promote #steem for this offer. Promoters are getting enough support and opportunity from you, that's why promoters of #steem is increasing everyday. I hope many new people will start to promote #steem after reading this blog.
Thanks for this great offer.

Terus melakukan pendanaan kepada siapa saja yang ingin melakukan #promo-steem di seluruh dunia, semoga #steem dan #steemit terus berkembang kedepannya Amin.
Terimakasih tuan @stephenkendal atas semua kerja keras dan kebaikan anda dalam dukungan sponsor kepada stemian yang ingin mempromosikan #steem dan #steemit 💪

Right now except making promotional gigs and marketing #steem virtually I've no plan or project but if my team or I wish to promote steem in my area, I'll surely let you know sir. I'll be stay in touch. I'm sure you'll choose right candidates for sponsorship. After reading some offers I think sports event sponsoring will be a great idea. Thank You so much for spreading kindness 💕💓💖

I think this is a great opportunity for us. We who want to promote Steem all the time believe that if they get such opportunities they will be more motivated to promote the steem and run different campaigns.I always respect all your work. I believe you will go ahead with this platform

Project: Printing of Exercise Books
Quantity 50
Distribution Prinary School Pupils

This is another great sponsorship sir. Congrats and goodluck to the next choosen #steemit and #steem promoters of there countries. This will be more exciting to see everyone cooperating in campaigning #steemit and #steem.

I support what you do. you are very amazing for promo-steem.

Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Twitter social media to promote.




I am very happy to see and read this news. you are very generous in supporting people in doing #promo-steem. I hope I will have a project in the future. I'm always happy to see news in your posts sir. thank you very much for the promo-steem.

When you are walking down to the part of your destiny , you flow with ease and joy. Indeed, what you are doing here has divine backup and that is why you are doing it with joy. Thanks @stephenkendal for your support in promoting steem block chain, we will not stop until steemit saturate the atmosphere of Google

Everyone to support this great project, in order to strengthen this platform, and do not forget to share in all your networks, in one way or another we all get involved.

Terimakasih @stephenkendal yang terus melakukan promo #steem di seluruh dunia, semoga #steem dan #steemit semoga ke depannya lebih lebih sukses.

This is a good thing you are doing to see to the growth of @steemit using diverse means especially in the area of sponsorship.

Thank you so much for always giving your support @stephenkendal.

Steem On


Your efforts in making steemit a big Blockchain is admirable

Shared on Twitter.

Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.




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