I have some very exciting news coming shortly..!!

in promo-steem •  3 months ago

#Promo-Steem in Manchester


Exciting news coming for #Promo-Steem and #steemtalent coming soon

I have some very exciting news coming shortly that will blow your mind..!!

Video coming soon.

Thanks for reading.


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Anxiously anticipating the news, I hope it’s gonna be about increase in the price of steem. I’m helpless right now

We are waiting

Great news sir

Hi @stephenkendal i hope this news will be about steem or steemit i want to see a recover in our loved coins and platform :). Regards

Good morning @stephenkendal for the image would believe that it is an association with google, this would be a bomb, spectacular.
Happy day :)

Am expecting #promo-steem in Nigeria soonest...

I am guessing its something related to Google. Isn't it? @stephenkendal

Every peoples wait for this great news......

That's interesting, I'm just up the road from Manchester in Bradford. Will be interesting to see what you have planned.

#thealliance #witness

Google join steemit? Really?? 😍😍😍