I am pleased to announce the exciting update regarding the role of Promo-Steem.com as Media Partner at The London Cryptocurrency Show taking place on Saturday 14th April 2018.

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Cryptocurrency News: #Promo-Steem

#Promo-Steem.com and The London Cryptocurrency Show

#Promo-Steem.com Media Partner

I am pleased to announce the exciting update regarding the role of #Promo-Steem.com as Media Partner at The London Cryptocurrency Show taking place on Saturday 14th April 2018.

Following on from the Conference Call we had this afternoon with the Owners and Operators of The London Cryptocurrency Show and their Social Media Manager, I wanted to share with you the update from the call.

Golden opportunity for #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain

Being offered the role as Media Partner to support The London Cryptocurrency Show is a golden opportunity for #Steemit, the #Steem Blockchain and #Promo-Steem and one that I am personally excited to see us pull together.

Over the next few days/weeks we will share with you the things that we are doing and the roles we are taking on.

On behalf of Matt @Starkerz, Dylan @Anarcotech, Alla @Allasyummyfood and myself I want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has supported us on this Project.

This is a huge Project to pull together and I excited to see the #Promo-UK Team once again pull together an amazing job.

This one day Cryptocurrency Event will be held in London at the Novotel and it would be great to see as many of you there on the day.

Icing on the cake

Having a #Steemit and #Steem Exhibitors Stand of our own will be a golden opportunity to showcase the #Steemit Community and the #Steem Blockchain at an Event like this and to have a #Steemit V.I.P Guest Appearance by @Ned on the day would simply be the icing on the cake..!!

If there are any other overseas #Steemit Users that would like to come along, I will make sure there is a warm U.K. welcome waiting for you.

Saturday 14th April 2018, put it in your diary and hopefully we will get to see as many #Steemit Users at the Show as we possibly can.

A Massive Thank You to The London Cryptocurrency Show

I would like to once again take this opportunity and say a Massive #Steemit Thank You to The London Cryptocurrency Show for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase something extra special to their visitors.

Thanks again for reading/watching.


#Promo-Steem.com - Media Partner for The London Cryptocurrency Show

Promo-Steem The London Cryptocurrency Show Media Partner Steemit Steem Promotion Banner.png

Introducing #Promo-Steem

promo-steem logo with promo-steem dot com footer.png

Please visit the #Promo-Steem.com Website at https://promo-steem.com/

Member of the @Steem-Ambassador Programme. Please follow @Steem-Ambassador for more details.

Steem-Ambassador logo.png

Promo-Steem The London Cryptocurrency Show Media Partner Steemit Steem Promotion Banner.png

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Awesome blog! It would be so great to have a vip come. @ned?? We now have a platform as #promo-steem to campaign from to achieve this!!
FYI It’s guest, not guessed ;))


Thanks @starkerz and the entire #promo-uk team for setting a pace for us to follow here in Uganda. Its such a great and excellent productive work you are doing.


Exactly! i totally agree with you sir


Hi @starkerz would be great to have @ned participate on the event!

I just transalated to SPANISH the post of the event I made yesterday.

(Spanish) Promo-Steem - Departamento Autonomo Decentralizado de Marketing de Steemit - Va a Participar en el London Cryptocurrency Show!

Regards, @gold84


I am happy with the announcement, like this information, I am @ afrizal1990, I learned a few days about promo-steemit, like last night I posted about the promo-steem, many of which vote, I finally learned again about the post promo-steem night yesterday, it turns out post promo-steem I am in vote and resteem by stephenkendal, after that my friends menikutikan how how to post the promo, I explain, and friends start like steemit, like yesterday I help many list .. but my dear today see posted promo-steem that my friend promos is not satisfactory, I feel ashamed of each of their questions, and I dibuli they say people who teach us about the promo-steem even his vote is not satisfactory, but I want to share information ...
I ask for support from @ stephenkendal


please support everything here anyone .... 😭😭😭

It looks to be amazing. I would love to be there!

Absolutely golden opportunity for steem if we had chance to promote steem in this event. It is great idea if ned join this event and talk something about SMTs. Steem has more benefit than any other cryptocurrency in the market if we are able to convince this to traders and invester then it will be very beneficial for steem future. Thanks for promoting steem , really appreciate your work and dedication in promoting steem.

I see from the Crypto Investor Show website that over 2000+ people are expected at this event, plus I'm sure there will be additional media coverage and pictures posted on social media. Thank you to you all for being there to represent Steemit!

It is amazing how fast this community is growing. I wish I could attend in person.

woow so cool and good news to listen about this exellent confrence and meeting and i am happy to hear you that you decided many good things and have more good plans of this event and show and also you are media partner with this show
when will you have there lot of persons and who will come in this show and there will be long talk on cryptocurrencies and specially on steem and steemit i sure you will face a huge questions from all people and the you will give them all proper answers they all will impress and attract more to steem and steem will more strong
i sure this show will bring lot of investors and investment in steem
the big oppurtunity for promoting steem in world with this show
i wish for this successfull show and a great event and a big hope for all steemians to get much benefits after this show from steem and steemit with high price of steem
thanx alot for your great efforts for steem and steemians @stephenkendal sir


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


@bitcointip amazing 😂 😆

well good to watch your video and listen yout talk its mean you and your team also excited for that day and sure we also because it will be big day in steem history and i appriciate your confrence and your all ideas and plans for this show and great event and the exhibition will more wonderfull idea and hope every one there enjoy this event and show with this exhibition and no doubt flood of new steemians will arrive after this show.................!!!!!
Really a big oppurtunity to bring awairness of steem to london people and of whole world people when they watch the videos of this show and event @stephenkendal
i always follow you in your work and your opinions when you talk on steem and steemit and now i also have a strong believe on steem and try to increase my power always as you say


this is nice, but I don't think I've understand exactly what it is :D

nice to listen this great anounment from you like always i get always good news from your blog about steem and it give me a big hope to stay on this platfarm always and i am seeing a bright and good future on this platfarm and your promo work for steem is always for appriciate you brign much awairness in worl and now steemit website is more famous in world and in the alexa report steemit website is in top 1000 website and its true that the realy value specially in these days is a good result of promoting steem first from you and your team and then from all other steemians
i am happy that after this great show every one in steemit will want to go for shows like this and then this will be a great trend in whole world
best of luck and we always with you and support you in this great mission @stephenkendal

Great news for steem, and what an awesome product. Can't wait to see how this develops! :)

Congratulation on that special occasion, this is the great news ever,s #Promo-Steem should play a vital role in the whole blockchain for prosperity, well-being and absolutely boom regardless any discrimination.
I must congratulate the whole team as they work for the real one. thats my dream to join it in London, and be a part of it, of any sort.
Saturday 14th April 2018 is very special for us, that there will be alot of learn, Sir stephenkendal you are the true hero, which makes a lot of easiness for the minnows like me. thanks you so much for your valuable efforts for us, for the community and for the whole blockchain. blessed you Sir, #Promo-Steem

My first trip to London is going to be paid for in crypto!!! :)

It's an amazing news for all of us as the steem platform is improving day day. I listened about this site a long time ago. But then I don't believe. But in course of time it becomes a huge platform to promote users. So finally I join in this platform. I do believe I will do good in this great platform. All guys are helpful here. Such great news is really inspiring. Specially thank you for this great outcome you brought for all the steemians. @stephenkendal Best of luck and keep working for the steemians.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved! Out of this world video and post! I enjoyed it immensely! Thank you so VERY much for the update! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing for the GREAT Steemit Community! It means the world to me! It is going to be such a PHENOMENAL year for the GREAT Steem and GREAT Steemit Community! Thanks Again my Friend! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

thats great and really a good news for this show and more good thing that you will also have a exhibition there and sure people attract with this and really this will opportunity to bring huge of new users into the steem and steemit, and with a huge number of them being investors, it's quite a big deal really that day and after come new users the steemit and steemit valuse will increase and with the come investors the steem price will increase which is the best for all of us .....
we also say you massive thanx to give this oppurtunity to the london steem comunity and also all steemians who get the benefits with this show
hope that day will be much good and great day @stephen

great post and video.. Wonderful work for steemit sir.. @Stephenkendal you does really great work sir.. Great promoting about steemit and cryptocurrency.. It's give us great hope for nice future for steemitan.. I really respect and appreciated your work.. This video show Really a big oppurtunity to bring awairness of steem to london people and of whole world people when they watch the videos..thanks for sharing us informative post and keep supporting me

@promo-steem and @investor-group Always doing good
Thanks for sharing about@promo-steem with us
Promo-steem is the best I wish you all the best keep it up

It's much thanks to you @stephenkendal. Your never ending love of steemit and cryptocurrency is changing and driving masses here in Africa. We are grateful for your support to a cause of transforming the financial status of the public.

This is a major breakthrough for the STEEMIT BLOCKCHAIN, it is going to be great as it offers the opportunity for unlimited steenit promotion to newbies and investors, thanks for what you are doing for the steemit platform.

Thanks @stephernkendel for promoting steemit, i would love to join you in London and i get more skills from you guys,, we trying to do the same in Uganda, keep up the great work my friend, I'm sure it will be awesome on 14th

Been constantly amazed by all ur efforts on promoting steem over the past months on my journey on steemit and for sure this is such an exciting and amazing news!

Shared on twitter. Please feel free to re-tweet. Stephen



2018-02-13 22.24.22.jpg


Hi Stephen, really positive updates from yourself and Dylan. I've retweeted across into the twittersphere. Might see you on the 14th in the City. Cheers


I mean hey, this is something to be so happy about. Thank you @stephenpkendal for what you're doing for the community on here and the crypto world!!

Shared on LinkedIn. Stephen


2018-02-13 22.20.09.jpg


Ah. Excellent -- gonna come follow you on LinkedIn =]

good job guys

Congratulations on that special occasion, this is good news ever, Promo-Steem must play an important role in the overall blockchain for prosperity, prosperity and truly boom without any discrimination.
I have to congratulate the whole team because they work for the truth. It was my dream to join London, and be part of it, of any kind.
You will have a lot of people and who will come in this event and there will be long talks about crypto and especially about illness and steemit I am sure you will face big questions from everyone and you will give them all the right answers they will all be impressed and draw more for steam and steam will be stronger
I am sure this event will bring many investors and investments in steam
I'm glad that after this great show, everyone in steemit will want to perform in an event like this and this will be a big trend in the real world.

good luck and we are always with you and support you in this great mission @ stephenkendal

Pretty flowers. If I have to pick a rose I'd have to say yellow is my favorite shade. All are pretty to look at though. Have a happy Valentine's Day.

Good update sir,London cryptocurrency show will be an interesting one to steemit community and steemit blockchain, impressived one for promoting steemit as a investment instruments.

I love this. Outreach works and I'm always inspired by what you do. It motivates me to do my own outreach.

Steemit is growing stronger every day.
Great update
Good job

This is very good news update about crypto and it's so informative blog.Thank you
Carry on your activity

good update by the boss. Your post is a must resteem. Thanks for putting this here

I up vote ,re steem and followed , i would to be strong like you.

This is huge. Congratulations sir.

That is great news and the future is bright☄🍾⭐

Thanks for sharing this news keep it up You are always doing good

I love this

@stephenkendal thats sounds great,looking forward for it.thankyou for your efforts for making steemit a bigger platform.

Thank you have created changes to crypto, an exciting information from you @stephenkendal
good luck @steem-ambassador

I was not aware of such valuable information,@stephenkendal this is good news, to learn from a promising conference. I am happy with the good wishes that you have decided to submit your application. I would love to be in your cryptocurrency chat and be surrounded by many people with the same goal. since we are all in the best platform that changes the life of the 21st century CALL STEEMIT a hug. I love reading it.

It's cool to see the progress being made on this platform!

This post is very good thank for sharing

Thanks for this promo-uk sharing... i appreciate this post. resteemit

Great news. I hope it will be like we expected @stephenkendal

Amazing update sir @stephenkendal. It is nice to know that Steemit is now a growing platform. You are the best representative of Steemit . Keep it up . :) ^_^

this is why i like Steemit.., Rock on..,

Increíble, super buenas noticias para el mundo Steemit, vamos con toda!

i feel so happy to see this. steem community is growing so fast.

Wonderful post Brilliant work in steemit life I like your post because very successful Very beautiful post

felicidades amigo :D

Thank You to The London Cryptocurrency Show for giving chance for their visitor. This is the really good news for everybody. It will take place just 14 april 2018. coming chance soon. Thank you for sharing it.

i am upvote ur post
plz upvote my post

We are ready to support it from afar! Let us shoot steemit up !!

Great news ever... CONGRATULATIONS. I really appreciate your work and dedication in promoting steem. Thanks for the bigger vision and passion you have for steemit. We will support you along the way... "Steem to the moon"

I like your blog, is berry good

Very nice dear

Good post.

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The more businesses get into the crypto space, the less ignorant officials and governments will be trying to 'ban' these new technologies. Good work!

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I want to give out a confidential knowledge.

very good idea, I really like this paper.
This strategy is great for developing steamit to the world. Greetings to success @stephenkendal

please voteback..

please voteback..

It's a great news.thank you for sharing

Hi sir, really gd post, I am just new on steemit, and need ur support sir, thx. @stepkenkendal


fantastic news @stephenkendal !! Thank you for all the great work!

Hi stephen.. Surely it ll be a grrat show in london cryptocurrency show.. Hopefull fir nice steemit promo there.. Wish i attend this but not possible for me.. Waiting for more updates about show.. Thanx stephen for being so good steem promo man or ambassador

Very interresting. I am from Morocco and I would love to be there. I'll try to.

Your post is very good I am very useful for all users steemit, and you are a great person in steemit and I really admire you

very interesting blog/./// liked it

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@ stephenkendal

This is interesting ! Great news !! Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal !

Anything for the growth of Steemit/Steem. Congratulations sir. Hard work do pay off.

Awesome blog! It would be so great to have a vip come. @ned?? We now have a platform as #promo-steem to campaign from to achieve this!!

Awesome! We also had a Steemit Promotional Activity in the Philippines. Your initiative has given us a wider perspective. Here's my report of our #promo-steem activity
🌱 Promoting Steemit! Start a Cause without a Cost 🌱

I hope you can drop by and share some thoughts! @stephenkendal

Hi @stephenkendal the London Conference will put the Steem Blockchain in the eyes on many of the wealthiest investors! With the super quality community Steem is, and your business and marketing experience, I am sure this conference will be a hit!

Thanks for all your huge efforts to make promo-steem a reality, and thus make Steemit a better place everyday!

Regards, @gold84

your writing is a fascination for the beginners of the steem

This is awesome, it's worth celebrating, @stephenkenda @Steem-Abassador is a good job Sir.

Congratulations @stephenkendal!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 6 with $ 417,92

Thank you Stephen for promoting steemit. Really appreciate your work and dedication in promoting steemit.


My first trek to London will be paid for in crypto@aliazaamjad

This is great for Steem. The more exposure the better.

Wow..thats a big step. Congrats all, can't wait to hear more about your work :)

thanks for the awesome post. i think i can help you to find out great facts about your related industry or catagory @sumaanraina

I am very interested in promotions
steemit comoditi, steemit blogchain dear
bimbinnya @stephenkendal

Gut news

Great work. Joy

I know I won't be able to make it due to my location but as a lover of promo steem you have got all my support...wonderful development DQmWa11QbTr11DzRfDEu5U7a1K1JUu4U6ZsuKL2obDpYnjx.gif

Woow ...
The idea is perfect, I'm from Indonesia in my area a lot of coffee farmers not far from where I live, and he has a coffee processing business his parents who currently only deal with currency values ​​alone, your idea is very interesting @stephenkendal

Am already feeling the success of this event, but please what will be the cost for coming down?...I mean this:

If there are any other overseas #Steemit Users that would like to come along, I will make sure there is a warm U.K. welcome waiting for you.

Very nice sr one of your post i most like