Elephants in need in Kenia

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My first charity project which I want to support via Steemit is from “AGA”.
They provide help for orphan elephant babies since 25 years in Kenia.
Here is the link to the website (but it’s in german): https://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/259-verwaiste-elefantenbabys-brauchen-hilfe-bitte-unterstutze-ihre-aufzucht


Elephants are still haunted from poachers because of their tusks which consist of ivory.
As a result, many elephant babies are left alone and they would die without any help.

That’s why the “AGA” supports an orphanage for elephants which is lead by the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”. Often, the babies are starving, They are in need of medical support and they need to stay a few years in the orphanage till they are ready to be released into their freedom again.


The “AGA” finance a team of gamekeepers in the Tsavo East National park, which prevent poachers from killing more elephants.

At the end of 2017, were about 100 elephant babies in the care of nurses.
The donations are vital for the babies.

A special event or “the special” event for every elephant which was in care is the move form the orphanage into the release center - this is the next big step for their freedom.


To make this possible they need donations to ensure enough to eat for every elephant.

And that’s the point where we can help! Every upvote, comment and reply is appreciated!
100% of the money earned will be spend to “AGA” (with a prove of the document), and the best thing is: it doesn’t even cost us 1$ or 1€.

If we manage to spend more than 25€ we will receive a gift certificate and I would send it to the Steemian user which supports us with the biggest upvote this time?

@steemhelpinghand I mentioned you because I saw your post yesterday about your work which your team did for the young children,

god save him

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