Steem Exchanger(SteemX): A Step In The Right Direction Taking Steem To The Next Level

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It has been a while since we last posted as a result of intense work the team has been engaged in on other community development projects on the steem blockchain. The team has also been working tirelessly on increasing the quality of service on the steem exchanger site to ensure that it gets bigger, stronger, faster, user friendly and more responsive. Tremendous work is ongoing and we will take time to update our users, potential users, supporters and general users of the steem blockchain in the next couple of days and weeks.

Steem exchanger is looking out for you

The Steem exchanger service has been helpful and an haven since its launch because of the great challenge it has been able to solve for users and investors on the steem blockchain. We will like to thank all those who liked the idea and have supported and given useful suggestions to improve steem exchanger further.

What Steem exchanger solves on the Steem Blockchain and will continue to solve.

  • We have since launch brought in hundreds of investors and has continue to improve/increase this number people are confident that they can easily convert SBD, STEEM <==> FAIT.

  • We have also attracted more creative and skillful individuals who are giving value and will continue to give value to the steem blockchain since they know it’s a reliable platform.

  • We have continually improved on our services that will increase the chances of big merchant and E-commerce companies that will accept Steem currency as a means of payment.

  • We have consistently increased the number of users on the Steem platform because of its promotion and support of steemit community development projects.

Below are some of our links for new and potential users
to properly understand what we stand for
and how to use the site to help them solve their challenges.

How To Register and Transact On Africa's First Exchange Platform For Buying and Selling STEEM and SBD

Introducing Africa's First Exchange Platform For Buying and Selling STEEM and SBD

For update and other information you can follow us @steemexchanger
or visit the site by clicking HERE

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I requested payement to my account yesterday and i have not recieved my payment.

Wao good infromation
for sporting me vote &comment thanks


Keep on the good work


Thanks for the encouragement... We hope to do more.

Nice post.....well done guys.

Nice work people but i am having serious issues with ur site i am not seeing an option where i can buy steem or steemdollar, please can u guys assist thanks.


We are currently performing maintenance on that section of the website, as soon as we are done we will notify you.


Thanks i will be on d watch for dat