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What an amazing university campus! So many things to do great facilities and amazing students! I rate it as the best campus uni I have seen so far on the tour and recommend students go study there!

However, you are not here to listen to me talk about the university! On the day I ran out of steemit business cards twice and spoke to well over 100 different people about steemit! It was really successful and people at Nottingham Uni really responded positively to steemit! I am sure we will have some people join and start a small steemit enclave at the university, especially when it comes to funding sports teams and societies at the university.

I got right into the middle of the freshers fair and also all around the campus! I have an old friend in Nottingham, so we went drinking afterwards, and one of the last photos shows how I got carried away and split wine down my steemit top ;)) OOPS!! Great times however!


Here are the photos!






































To remove that stain @starkerz - pull fabric taut over a bowl - pour on lots of salt and then boiling water - before washing.
Then again - for all the success - worth a T-shirt hey?

Ahhh! this is a fantastic comment!! :) thank you! I will try it!


hey dude, great tag, I fear however that the #promo-starkerz tag will not trend as well as #promo-steem ;))

Great work. I have to say that your pic laying down with the 5 ladies around you reminds me Austin Powers' rotating bed.

What can I say! I have the steemit mojo!

Not to be cliche, but sometimes you just need to not reinvent the wheel. "Yeaaah, Baby!! Yeaahhh!"

thanks you, for upvote,
i have make a grafity for you😎 i can do it, im not much have steem power, sorry,,
this is for you

You are doing an excellent job and the campaign in universities is really spot and those snaps are really some of the beautiful snaps and i think steemit community is on board and ready to achieve the next milestone.

Thnk you so much.


It certainly is @shivohum!! I am certainly looking forward to next step!

Yup bro great pictures and lovely uni keep sharing man :)

Hiii @starkerz, wonderful effort nice job done for "Promo Steem" in University Freshers Tour - Nottingham University. appreciate.

Awesome!!! (Apart from the red wine/vimto stain on your shirt) :P

it happens to the best of us, and the most drunk of us, Ill let you decide which i am ;)

BIG UP @starkerz

Cheers dude! rapsukt!

Great promo @starkerz looks like you did an amazing job, my friend. Was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to do this with you but I'm sure we will be able to do some promo work together in the future.

Keep steeming mate. Cheers for sharing your journey with us :)

Yes mate!! would have been great to have you in the pictures! Hope the meet up went well!

This reminds me of Robin Hood...

I needed a little john!

appreciate with your hard work every to promot steemit
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Very nice and peaceful! Perfect shot . thanks for shearing us.

Thank you!!

Very beautiful pictures well done

Hello, you are a great businessman, the job of taking Steemit to the universities is a great idea, this is the population of the future, congratulations.

Thank you!! I wish i was better businessman ;))

fantastic promo at the university, its look great response from their.

Twas a really really cool day!!

great pictures and lovely uni keep sharing man

Will do! Hopefully people can select your university from my blog ;))

Very nice shot my friend. Enjoy your tour.

Great promo @starkerz looks like you did an amazing job.

I tried ;))

Great pictures and story. You made a lot of great finds.

hehe! was fun day! :)

good job. i think this is the right way to promote steem. hope steemit can be booming in near future. we also do same work. we are promoting steemit by helping the poor. btw, nice work. good luck my friend. have a great day


yes @sogata, you have an interesting idea. I have sent some upvotes, look forward to seeing how you proceed on this journey.

Thank a lot brother for some upvote. Lets get this platform on the map

Good job my bro

Señor @starkerz se le saluda desde Puerto La Cruz Venezuela

Colaborar y ayudar a los que ayudan es un gran alimento para el alma, su labor rompe fronteras geográficas y humanas gracias a la plataforma tecnológica de Steemit, por esa razón hay que promoverla.

Llevo estudiando dos meses su estrategia Promo Steemt, como publicista la estoy adaptando a la realidad venezolana, próximamente se las haré conocer.

Gracias amigo!

Buenos días, necesito saber si tiene un post principal donde salga información sobre su proyecto de Promo Steemit, es para agregar un link en los post de nuestros proyectos en Venezuela

@acostaeladio, At themoment we don't we are only using the tag #promo-steem and hope it spreads by word of mouth!

go starkerz!

saw messages late about date changes do u have an updated list?

Looks like you had the bestest tour ever damm that was for sure after seeing the post amazingly amazing :D

certainy amazingly amazodoodle!

Increíble labor, sigue así

Muchos gracias seniorina!

Good work for Steemit! Nottingham is a lovely city and two of my friends have children who not only went there, but now teach there, so it must be good! It has a beautiful cathedral and a good market. The surrounding countryside is among Britain's best. What a trip, all those lovely students. Steem on!

Yes! great place! loved it! will be back again!

Hey @starkerz - you're the man

cheers bru!

Fuck man, wish I had come and joined you now. Looks like you had a proper blast. And I see you didn't just approach groups of hot women for a change.....

Yes, Trying to be diverse and fair, although, it was really hard not to talk only to pretty ladies of course, with them being so wonderful and all

Amazing @starkerz, keep on your good work and see you next week at Oxford University!

Yes, very much looking forward to meeting you next sunday!

Great promo, steemit worth it.