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It's another meetup again in uyo, another time with new sets of newbies in uyo community. Steemit uyo community is growing so fast and it's important for this newbies to be taught the fundamentals and core values of steemit.

We've had several meet-ups and this time, we'll be meeting with a vibrant set of young people in the Blw Nation.

The meet-up will cover

  • The future of steemit
  • Core values of steemit
  • The need to get more steem Power
  • Why we need to promote Steem and Steemit
  • Using steem to change the world
  • Stach project
  • Smart Media Token

The meet-up should last for 2 hours max and will start by 4pm GMT +1 today.

I'm working on live streaming the event so you guys online can participate, I hope it works out.

Meanwhile, if you're promoting steem, please go ahead, together we'll achieve more. Also, if you're in uyo or anywhere in akwa ibom, you can join us today by 4pm at the University of Uyo main campus.

Links to other steem promotion / Reachout done by steemit uyo community.

Big thanks to @ejemai and @donkeypong for constantly supporting us.

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It is a good job you're doing. Continue with the hard work. My country,Uganda has also just had its first ever steemit meet up and as new people in this community, we gain alot from this. Thanks for the work well done.

Wow! Steemit inn my neighbourhood... Go Uyo!

Hope you'll be around

I'd really love to, but for reasons i can't imagine now, i'm not in Uyo today of all days. Please keep updating us. Next time definitely! Thanks.

OK no problem

Wow... Beautiful @samstickz. Pls where exactly in campus is it holding? Would love to attend.. Thank you

Saw you there

Great way to go with this Steem Invasion sir. Keep the great work going.

Permanent site has seen the light 😀😀

Yes oh, shining bright

I love the impact steemit is causing already in Uyo already. Thanks @samstickkz

So much more impact to be made

👏 👏 👏. Steemit to the world.

Wow..I have always wanted to see Steemit on campus. This is just the beginning, Weldon @samstickkz

Keep it up boss @samstickks, may God make Steemit bigger

Can I fly to uyo now (LOL), enjoy yourself and steem on.

Keep the fire burning bro !!

It's nice to know this is happening

@samstickkz Shebi you know if you'd responded to my message on whatsapp, I'd probably have tried to be there.

Choi, I'm so sorry, I get tons of messages

Steemit...uyo no dulling!!

No dulling bro