My Uyo Steemian Of The Week : Guys Meet Pretty @rachelrick

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yesterday I had a few minutes chat with @rachelrick and i was amazed at how strong this young lady is.

@rachelrick lost her dad towards the ending of 2016 and in other not to bring stress to her mom, she decided to start working by providing some services online, that was the only job that could enable her get money as a student.

@rachelrick is a 300 level student in the university of uyo , she is the 4th born in her family with 3 brothers. despite the fact she is the 4th born, she decided to take the burden of the family upon herself by working online.

One of the online platforms she worked with was She was getting $100+ weekly and most of that money was used for her education and some goes back home for her mother and siblings.

Her contract ended on in November , second week 2017. After that, she started searching for other ways to make money online and her research led her to steem blockchain (

Ever since she got to know about steemit, she has be working tirelessly and taking out time to make friends and interacting with other steemians in other communities.

According to @rachelrick ,some of her inspiration came from "hardworking" @florae , a fellow student in university of uyo and a member of the steemit uyo community. @florae has been consistently improving herself and always calling me for tips ,guidance and always seeking for cryptocurrency tutorials, she really wanna hit it big this year and i will support her the way i can.


@rachelrick stated she gets marveled at how @florae easily manages academic work and steemit and still has enough time for other things (i wonder too)

"It's amazing how our little efforts we put into doing what we love to do could encourage someone somewhere without us knowing."

@florae @vwovwe @emem @annieben @ishotz has really been encouraging many steemians in our community, without knowing and i can't just thank them enough .

I'm glad I didn't keep steemit knowledge to myself,sharing this knowledge with my community has really helped those who have a good heart to discover how much impact they could make using steem blockchain.

Steemit Uyo Community is growing really fast and expanding and we are grateful to @ejemai @stach @donkeypong @destinysaid @infovore @surpassinggoogle @tojukaka for their support and show of steem love for steemit uyo community.

i will be giving half of the SBD payout from this post to @rachelrick

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This is great. The story is inspiring. I love to support hardworking people, especially those who refuse to be weighed down by their challenges.

This girl eats challenges

Yea... She's very passionate...
She's supernatural... Wish her the best in her endeavour.

I love this post. Please is there anything like group chat for Steemers in uniuyo ornUyo as a whole. Why I'm asking this is because, some people don't trust unknown SBD buyers which can scam at any opportunity they get. I'll love to get a reply on this. Here is my contact 08165222433

Yes there is, I'll add you sir

Congratulations to the hardworking girl @rachelrick

Tiri gbosa to the hard working lady

I also had a chat with her and shez indeed a lovely lady

Congratulations @rachelrick
You're a strong lady

Really inspiring. Hard work pays

Big love to rachelrick,she truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work

Thanks @samstickkz for what your doing. Indeed many have been blessed and am so inspired

What a lady she is. I feel inspired already, please keep doing the good work. She just won my followership!

Yes she deserves it

Thank God you didn't keep it to yourself
Rep @steemit-uyo

Am glad she is ma friend already...met her tru steemit and she is good at what she does too...

You obviously have a wonderful friend. Don't let her go. She inspires me a lot

nice post you got here
i have upvoted and followed you.

please visit my profile and upvote and follow me


@rachelrick is doing just greatly.
It's important we replicate many of such recognitions...
Congratulations to the girls mentioned here and to the big bosses, I say:

Twale oooooo

STEEMIT is good.

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