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I can see a lot of tweets that are trending in #censorship, it is really good to see that people are raising voice for their fundamental rights #freespeech. It is really good going for them. But my message to all of them is that-- if you all think that by raising your voice against #censorship you can get rid of #censorship then you are totally wrong. Just remember tomorrow someone else will censor you and this cycle will continue........!

You can not achieve an objective of censorship-resistant media by using a centralized social media, because fundamentally it is not capable to achieve such an end.

Today Mark will come to you and say Facebook stands for free expression. Tomorrow someone else will come and say like that. How many & how long will you trust someone for #freespeech. Unless you make it trust-less you can not achieve such an end, because fundamentally a centralized social media can not give you the absolute ownership of your voice.

So the only solution is to make the underlying platform decentralized, make it trust-less, so that you need not have to trust someone. Then only you can become the absolute owner of your voice. So when the protocol layer of a social media will be decentralized, you will get your absolute ownership of your voice. When you get the absolute ownership, #freespeech becomes a reality. Decentralization is the fundamental principle of blockchain technology.

#Steem is a decentralized social media platform which is highly scalable powered with Steem Blockchain. It is a hub of as many as 94 dapps and many more dapps will be deployed in future. It offers that avenue of censorship-resistant social media where people can absolutely express #freespeech without having any fear of #censorship, not because no one will censor here(as all are very nice people!!!), but because fundamentally no one is capable to do so. You can also earn cryptocurrency called STEEM & many other tribe tokens for your productive engagement in Steem.

Here are some of my tweets on Twitter as a reply to various tweets on #censorship






Steem on......

Thank you.

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