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Hello steemians friend of the world.

How are you today

Today I want to write an article about steemit media as a social media choice that is profitable both in terms of materials and as an effort to develop themselves and in an effort to motivate yourself and others in achieving success.

Everyone is based on the desire to cultivate the spirit of living a better life than ever before in an attempt to fire the potential possessed intellectually, mentally, and spiritually
The formation of strong character building from the young generation is expected to contribute many donated in the success so that in the future life will be better,
Therefore, I want to be with friends steemians realize that dream. By making #steemit media an option in achieving success, steamit media is the right motivator right now. With the steemit we can find the potential of ourselves. And certainly can be useful for others also in living everyday life to achieve success.

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Motivation is something that causes people to do something or the urge to act. People who do not do something, it can be said that the person is not motivated. Motivation can come from the self (internal factors) and can also come from outside (external factors). However, in essence motivation that arises from within yourself, while external factors can only be a supporter or trigger themselves to be motivated.
Basically there are only two motivations, namely the motivation to gain pleasure or avoid the pain or difficulty. Money can be a motivation of pleasure and motivation to avoid fear. If we think about money so we do not live miserably, then here is the reason someone is looking for money to avoid pain. Conversely, there are people who chase money for wanting to enjoy life, then money as a reason someone to gain pleasure.
How strong is the motivation of the individual, will much determine the quality of the behavior he displays, both in the context of learning, work and other life. The study of motivation has long been an attraction for educators, managers, and researchers, especially in relation to the interests of achieving one's performance. So also with the media steemit has touched all circles of society, so strong influence of media#steemit in society. That's why I wrote the #steemit as a motivator

Continue to believe in self-ability, because in humans there are interrelated forces in achieving success,
Success is always achieved with a process after passing through various obstacles. so do not be afraid to fail, because failure is also a learning process. Of human capabilities will also increase. Actually the word fail is only the property of people who stop trying, stop innovating, stop doing.
by @ritauddin

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