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Three, Two, One and We Have Lift Off....the Accra Credit Union, Zooming Off to Growth!

Today, after long expectations and a last minute rescheduling due to a technical glitch, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) successfully launched the Parker Solar Probe to go as close to the sun as any probe has ever reached. The probe would literally make the saying "to get burnt flying close to the sun" a lot invalid. The probe would reach the outermost zones of the sun's atmosphere where temperatures are incredibly hot.

Down below, a little to the West of the Greenwich meridian and a bump above the Equator lies the city of Accra.

In this African city, the launch pad of blockchain in delivering financial freedom has been built solidly. The Shuttle which is the Accra Credit Union is fueled primarily with Steem and other crypto assets.

At present, the project is live and has taken off with the first loans given and the first steem pleged and invested.

In Ghana we have a saying that goes " the one who uses his words to weed his farm suffers no bruises"

If the Accra Credit Union were a farmer, it would be well on its way to becoming the chief farmer already with these major steps taken.

It is vital all hands are placed on deck for this final stretch of the journey to our goal- financial freedom through digital based technologies.


Signing out....Mission control Accra.


Very well written article. Accra Credit Union has great potential and it's up and running today - just waiting for the next few lucky members to learn/join up.

btw, @richforever it is funny you mention the equator. I am writing this from Quito, Ecuador. It also is on the equator and 3,000 meters in the air. You can say I am close to the sun now. And I can see Accra Credit Union soaring in the future.

We will surely soar higher.

The future is indeed bright

Better things awaits us with @yensesa

more power 2 ur elbow

Excellent article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

Thank you @johnstaff. Looking forward to working with you.

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