Day 3 Tokyo The East Garden of Imperial Palace - 2018 Summer of Tokyo

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The next morning when I woke up, my mom already prepared all the breakfast for us, there were biscuits, oats, bread, eggs etc.. everyone then eat and took turns to use the only bathroom. Luckily we never faced the problem of queuing for toilet, thanks to all our tolerance effort.


A group of 10 of us later ready to depart, we walked along the main street towards Nakano station, about 10 minutes we had arrived, so the first thing was to purchase the Suica card, and proceeded to our first destination Imperial Garden. In a while, we have arrived that station, and the imperial garden just opposite of it. We were so excited, it was a bright sunny day with cool breeze. Such comfortable!


At the entrance, there were guards checking on our bags, it was so strict and detail which we need to open up every compartment. I was rather worry but luckily all of us was fine. There we have arrived the main gate, let's take a photo!


Later we passed by a small booth, they will pass everyone a tag to enter the park, the entrance is free of charge, but we need to return the tag upon exit the park. Everything was rather strict, not to mess around with.


After a long walk, there was still nothing special to see, I'm thinking how long more to walk, the garden like never ending. I don't know how long had we walked, then at last we found a place to rest, we had been thinking where is the imperial palace, so we started to ask visitors around us, surprisingly everyone also looking for the imperial garden and no one had seen it yet! Ridiculous! They all also faced the same problem like us, where is the imperial palace?


Later we read thru the map, then we realised this was actually imperial garden so only imperial garden, imperial palace was not open to public. But we still put on hope until the guards confirmed that the palace was not for visit. Sigh.. just blame ourselves not study it properly and made such a big way to see some fortress around, soon we were all so exhausted!


Alright, this time we really need to look for place to eat and rest. After exit the imperial garden, the business district just across the road, so we headed there to look for restaurant, but after another long walk, we only passed by the high rise building yet to see any restaurant!


Again, this time we quickly browsed thru the map, now I discovered that all the restaurant were underneath the high rise building! The underground was well connected with shops and restaurants and the sub way station! This really impressed me this time.


So we moved to underground, and headed to the first ramen restaurants, and ordered ramen for all of us to eat right away. But I still need to feed my baby first, too bad I couldn't find nursery room but only toilet, luckily their toilet was clean and not disgusting, so still fine this time.

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nice, upvoted


thank you!

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Thank you very much!

ramen daisuki desu ne, honti ni oishii!


Daisuki sushi !! Oishiii ne!!
Mai kao zai~~ lol

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