Feeding a homeless dog we run to | An example why Steemit can help improve the world into better one

Dog is a man's best friend.

It is very late at night when me, my girlfriend @lullettematz and her friends @kimrene and @gorgeousiel run a dog lying beside a wide highway road.

The dog seems very hungry as he looks every vehicles passing by.

We are walking to go in *Stopping/Unloading" area to wait a jeepney. It happened that the dog was also there looks starving.

It happened also that we had a leftover piece of pizza and we, my friends decided to feed it to the dog.

Here's some photo that I've taken on that night.




It can be seen on the face of the dog of being lonely. Maybe he doesn't have any family. A family that will be his owner or this dog was abandoned.

The dog is the only animals who has the willingness to provide their owner members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their very last breath.

This is the reason why I continue promoting Steemit in my community. Through Steemit, we can't just change the life of people, but we can change the whole world.

Give some love to animals.

Happy steeming.

Best regards,


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Thats true..dog is a mans bestfriend..he has a capability to return our good deeds to them..

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You are having such a good heart @philiparniebinag ..keep it up !