Steemit In Nigeria 3; A Gathering of all Nigerian Steemians, and I'm Absent.

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Oh snap! @360ent

I'm miles away from this year's venue of the event, not by will but by other obligations that needs my urgent attentions. Though I very much want to be at the largest Gathering of Steemian in my country again this year after the successful outing of last year, but i couldn't and I'm a bit sad about it.

Uyo is the Capital of Akwa Ibom state where the third installment of Steemit In Nigeria is holding this year, have been there a couple of times courtesy of my last job as a Remote Support Specialist with an IT firm. That had taken me to most of all the state in my country, so distance isn't a challenge for this Steem Event.

Hopefully I can make S.I.N 4 next year God sparing our lives, I will be looking out for updates from Steemians at the event and I wish you all A Safe Trip to the event and back to your various destinations, Amen.

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Amen, I feel down as I am not available for the event too

Oh no

Same here. I wanted to attend but here I am now ...constrained. I hope to make it next year

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Sure thing brother