You need wisdom to govern your life: the five key wisdom to help you improve

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Self government is the most demanding form of government because of the discipline and sacrifices it involve. A lot have failed massively in this form of government, because they are responsible for everything around their lives. No body is responsible for whatever become of them.

While busy pointing accusing fingers to those we've assigned to govern our Nations, we don't see anything wrong with the way we govern our lives

To be able to lead people effectively, you have to start leading your life effectively.

Wisdom is the most important tool you need to be able to govern your life effectively, nothing can be substituted for this important factor. One can have all it takes to live a comfortable life, but if not we'll managed by wisdom, those that do not have half the opportunity you have but able to apply wisdom in managing that which is little will come out with a better results than you do.

Complaining of not having enough is a sign of lack of wisdom to govern ones life. No matter how little, you can still do something with it. Complaining and not doing anything with what you have can make you to eventually loose that little you have

You don't value what you have until you have it no more.

Take a country like Nigeria for example, we are blessed by God and the nature with every necessary resources, but our lack of good governance has kept us where we find ourselves. We are lacking the required wisdom to put those things to work and improve our standard of living

The book of proverbs stated it clearly that wisdom is the principal thing, in all thy gettings, get understanding.

You might be loaded with a lot of principles and ideas to govern your life, if not we'll implemented by wisdom, it won't produce the desired result.

How to improve on your personal governant?

  1. There are people who have already mastered what you are about to do, seek them for advise, copy their process and you will have their results

if the same thing is done the same way, it will always result in the same outcome as long as the cycle kept unbroken

Learning from these people would make you the master of what you want to kick start as if you have been into it for a long time.

  1. Another factor here is that you should be responsible for yourself. Take full responsibility over your life, don't give room to excuses. If you fail, let it be your failure and if you succeed, let it be your success as well. Never point finger to anybody for your failure.

until you learn to accept the outcome of your actions, you won't have idea of a new direction

  1. Be accountable, this is the area where most people are missing it. Until you learn to be accountable for the little that is coming your way, you are not mature enough to handle many. You must be able to give specific reasons for buying what you bought, going to where you went and many more. This act will give you the full responsibility over your life. Do it as if you are reporting to someone, even if their is non.

  2. Be mindful of the association you keep, your association has something to do with your destination in life. If you move with those that are heading somewhere in life, you will get there with them. Likewise, if you move with those that are not going anywhere, you will end up where they are. Choose your associations cautiously.

  3. To call it a day on this topic, be ready to work with little. If you engage the little in your hand, it will double, but living it inactive would rather take from it than to add to it. Put to work whatever it is that you have, don't wait until you have more before you start working on it.

Remember that you can become whatever you want to be if you learn and master the act of personal government.

Happy Sunday to you all from Nigeria

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