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All opportunities are not for you, but their is one specially created for you.


It is good to learn from one's mistake, but it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. Trying to seize every opportunity that comes your way is like one trying to carch rain with basket. Their is something specifically designed for you, try and recognise it and work with it.

A lot of time we don't concentrate on what we have at hand, we put our total concentration on what we are hoping to have and this attitude made us to loose both opportunity at hand and the one coming


Remember this old saying that says a bird at hand worth much more better than ten in the bush. Why hoping for a better opportunity, ensure you don't loose the one you are having.

No opportunity is too small that cannot be grown, when you under value the opportunity in your hand, you will be left with no inner energy to pursue it. Comparing what you have with what others are having is one of the killer of opportunities in our hand. We won't have pleasure in pursuing what we have after each comparison

Most opportunity you see flying are not just flying, some people laboured for it. Why not make yours the envy of men as well


You don't need more opportunities to prove to the world you can, work on the one you are having and let the whole wirld start believing you can. Remember what the Bible said about the little beginning

One of the commonest parable in the scripture is the parable of talents, they were all given talents according to their several abilities, but one with one talent buried his own talent thinking he was not loved by their master.

But remember, the talents were given them according to their several abilities. So, it is wrong to be desiring more opportunities or talent when you are not putting the one you are having into use.

Putting your opportunity to work would help in return grow your ability, and ones you have higher abilities in handling things, no one will commit little opportunity into your hand.

It is not the fault of who gives you very little opportunity to work with, it is your fault due to the fact that you are not growing in abilities

Nothing will work if you don't work with them. If you are a quote writer, don't desire to be a poet if you are not ready to develop yourself in the area you are called. Leaving your gift undeveloped while hoping to be someone else would be the greatest mistake you will ever commit

The easiest thing to be in life is to be you while trying to be someone else is the hardest thing to be.

You don't how good you are on a thing if you don't try them out

Mistakes are part of your making if you want to explore the hidden treasures in you. If you are so much afraid of making mistakes, you will never become a master of a new thing. Their is certainly something that is working for you, build your life round them, give them all your best as see itgem grow.

Human beings are so complex that we are all unique from one person to another. If we can all do the same thing at the same level, life woukd be so much more boring. If we all play football at Messi or Ronaldo's level, football won't make any sense anymore. Or we are all at Michael Jordan level when it comes to basketball, how boring do you think it would look like?

Discovering and utilising a gift in us would help us to discover another. When you do what you do best the way it should be done, your eyes will open to the other part of you that need to be discovered. Waiting for someone to discover your gift is like waiting for the sun to stop giving it's light during the day which will never happen.

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