Nigeria need young and vibrant people in power to have the true change we cry for!

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Good morning my country people, it is not a news anymore that president Buhari has declared himself fit for the second term in office.

Well, his decision is not my problem, we all have liberty to express ourselves as Nigerian.

Neither am I a politician to campaign against his interest. But, as Nigerian, I want to exercise my citizenship right to express my mind.

I've never been in support of any political party throughout my entire life, and if things remain like this, I don't think I will ever go into politics

But, that cannot limit me from voicing out my mind as regard my dear country Nigeria.

Do you think president Buhari has done enough to deserve second term in office?

Well, we can have divers of opinions on that, we have various reasons for having our personal opinion about things.

No matter how good or terrible a government is, it would surely be for some people.


But on general term, I don't think we need people like Buhari's age to lead Nigeria for another four years.

We have been serving the same set of people since our independent, it is high time we give new people the opportunity to lead.

These people are just too old to deliver their promises, we need young and vibrant Nigerian to take the mantle from them.

Well, having the young people in power does not guaranteed success, but it will do a lot in moving us forward.

What gives me the assurance of a better Nigeria with young people in power?

Checking the history of our dear country, all our current leaders had their best years in power when they were young.

We still reference 60s, 70s 80s and 90s in the history of Nigeria because that was the last time we had youth in power, and who are those youths? Our current old leaders!

Trying another set of young and vibrant youths will do us a lot of good.

Another reason been that, our world is changing, it is children of today that understand the happenings of today. Though, experience also count, but having young people who are so curious to know why certain things are done the way they are would go a long way in lifting our beloved country

One last thing before I conclude, strength is not on the side of our leaders again, we need agile people to take the mantle to experience the true change we have been clamouring for. Using president Buhari as an example, we all know how many months he spent on sick bed. To avoid the replica of this, let's try the young people.

Nothing would change except we change them

To have the change we want, we must change those in power completely...

Please, share your opinion with me in the comment box.

I rep one Nigeria.....

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