Is my money at the Bank "cryptocurrency"? That was the first quested I asked myself after having a clue on crypto.

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I remember hearing about bit coins in 2016, after a college of mine who works in a radio station watched it on TV and gave me a call to tune to the same. I didn’t know anything about these things. He actually wanted me to watch the show with hope that I could elaborate or perhaps explain better what it is all about. This is simply because I did computer science which by default, I ‘must’ know ‘those things’. Yeah that’s it, you could have gone through the same trouble.
I took time to check it out on the internet, and booom! of course the internet has a lot of info plus a lot of hyperlinks, so I did enough google search within the scope of what I could understand. I never took the coins serious because I thought it’s just like my money I have at the bank where I can do a bit of sending and receiving online. To cut the story short, I never got it right what it is.
Today I see cryptocurrency everywhere on the internet.
Im beginning to like it. That’s what is expected of a computer person –Not true but to some extent also valid.
My good buddy @jaruamoses introduced me to and told me 99.99% of what he knows about steemit. Yeah, it’s the steemit where you are now. Its awesome.
Im happy to be part of the forum and im very much willing to learn more and more and give a better explanation when asked next time.
This is me, Ogwang.
Peace to you all.

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