#STEEMUP-ABUJA: Its Time To Preach The "Salvation" Of Steem In The Capital Territory Of Nigeria!

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Hello Steemians,
@Nairadaddy here bringing you a special GoodNews. We are taking the Gospel of Steem to a new congregation in our nation; Nigeria. We are like SteemPastors preaching our faith and passing on our beliefs to the next generation.

Repent for the kingdom of steem is at hand!

Original image designed by @nairadaddy

We are warning the unbelievers to repent before the 2nd coming of Steem (SMTS) because by then the early adopters will be raptured and it may be too late to join.

If you are reading this, its not too late!

We don't want them to be like the foolish virgins that refused to oil their lantern. The essence of all this preaching is to get the masses to oil their wallets with the salvation of steem. So that when you go to the bouquet of the Kings, you won't have to go get some more oil and risk being locked out.

Enough of kidding around with serious stuff. Lolx. Let's get right into the business of the day...

This will be the first Massive Meetup in the Capital City.

Its been a wonder how STEEM COMMUNITIES has been quickly developing in Nigeria without the Capital territory. This is aimed at enhancing the cohesiveness of the entire Nigerian Steem community. We aren't growing enough if our Capital is left behind.

As I'm typing this I'm already on the road to FCT. It should be an 8hrs journey from my current location at Delta state of Nigeria. I know its gonna be so much fun. I already have that good feeling that comes with something of this nature. I will take the opportunity to talk about Steem & Air-Clinic.

This meetup is being put together by @Xpency, @Anjiba, @Jacobite and other @Abuja-Steem -ers who want to see the progress of Steemit In Nigeria. Abuja has the human resources as well as material and financial resources to bring this to reality.

Apart from these already listed, I will take my time to do a little tour of the beautiful city, visit old friends and run some important errands. Of course, I will take every opportunity to preach the gospel of steem & steemit to anyone I meet who hasn't heard about or used this platform.

I Hope You Understand!

There's a quote by @anarcotech which really touched me;

"I have never found anything so potentially powerful at creating value in ordinary people's lives as this place (steemit)."

If you really understand the weight of that quote then you will understand why we do what we do. For example, I'm transversing the roads of the country just to let people know about this. There's a kind of passion and zeal that only comes from a desire to share what you have with others.

If you are in Abuja or its environs please make yourself available for this meetup in FCT. Here's the full details in this designed banner in @Xpency's post. Date, time and location are boldly written. You can always find your way down there.

Some birds told me that @Ejemai of @Stach, @Michaelcj Of @Steemnaira, @Destinysaid of @AfricaUnchained, @Gbenga will be there. Other highly placed Steemians who I may not have mentioned will be there definitely. So watchout for this coz its gonna be another massive one.

Abuja; Welcome us to your abode...

We are coming to paint your city with the colour of steem. Ah! Don't worry you will so love the new makeover we will give you. Are you ready?

You better be ...because we are bringing all our energy to you. Many young minds over there need to be activated. They need to learn the truth about cryptocurrencies.
They need to know which one among the cryptos OWN THEM ALL. No! Its not Bitcoin. I'll leave you with your conscience as you ruminate on this.

And like I always say...

Impossible Is Nothing!

I Remain me, my mouth & eye @nairadaddy aka SteemDaddy. My aim is to leave you better than I find you everyday!

Proudly A...

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Take the gospel there and baptize them in the name of Steem Power, Steem Dollar and Steem. Amen

Sure I will.

@Nairadaddy, on point as usual. The General Overseer of Nigeria Steemit Communities. Thanks for sharing the Goodnews to major parts of Country and to the Federal Capital of Nigeria, its amazing. Keep up the great work @NairaDaddy

Call me Daddy G.O

Nice project bro......we will meet @ the top.

Like you just said, Preach and spread the good works of steemit to all the unheard niggaz in abuja. Make abuja feel the impact of steemit and tha you are around.

This is a good development. The truth is that not many Nigerians have heard about steemit. Thank God we have people like you that spread the steemit gospel. Well done boss

Looking forward to you @nairadaddy in the capital city

Safe journey dear

Thank you dear!

@nairadaddy nice to hear this,Thank you for the great work my friend , I really appreciate it :) This is truly a great place to be and I will also recommend steemit to everyone I know. I love every aspect of it so far! I wish you the best of luck! Let's make it a habit

Thank you for honoring the invitation and it was really nice meeting you in person and also being so generous with such a huge giveaways in cash and I won't lie, I can't wait to meet with you again some other time and I believe by then, I should have attain a very reasonable height on steemit. Thank you once again for the great speech Sir George Edeh the founder of @air-clinic.

In truth @nairadaddy, your motivational words breathe fire. You are indeed a Pastor proclaiming the good news of steemit

Your presence was an inspiration, even the suposed hotest job in nigeria has a place on steemit...thanks for coming

It was a pleasure to meet you Sir and your speech was awesome as well.

you share an awesome post dear @nairadaddy