7th Cebu Bloggers Steemit Meetup

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... a community starts with unity.

I was informed by @chameh about the gathering.I was so excited and yet shy, hesitant, and intimidated at first. I took all my courage and took a day off and went straight to the venue. The gathering took place at Marrise Patisserie. I was not familiar with the location so I booked an Uber ride from my workplace

I got there and saw a lot of people inside the cafe all chatting, greeting each other. I saw their smiles then I realized I forgot we are Filipinos and we are always good at gatherings. The thought of it made me confident all of a sudden and so I went on and started saying Hi.

I was greeted by a lot of steemians. Shoutout to @chameh, @adeline24, @gingfriend20ph, @fernwehninja and to other steemians I forgot to ask their usernames. I also would like to thank @fernwehninja for sending me the email about steemit. It is indeed helpful for newbies like me who does not know that much about the platform.


We were divided into three groups -the newbies, discussion about utopia, and the other one (i forgot again -.-). I attended the discussion on newbies about how to start in steemit. I learned a lot about SBDs, plagiarism, about flagging and about steem power. It was facilitated by the two energetic and full of good vibes, @bellatravelph and @ninyea.

At the end of the day, I realized I am so lucky being a part of this friendly community. I am looking forward on witnessing the community grow even more. It was nice seeing you fellow steemians 😊



Glad that you were able to attend the event @mixaccount . It's a must actually for newbies like us. We were able to meet all the enthusiastic and inteligent core leaders in cebu. 'til next time meggy😊💕

I can't agree with you more @chameh. I was really excited seeing the happy faces of our fellow steemians. And I really learned a lot. I am so happy the curators are extending their hands to newbies like us. Til next time indeed me 😊😘

Thank you for attending the meetup. It was nice to see you there! It's our pleasure to share knowledge to others and I believe that helping each other in this community is a way to success. Keep on steeming. Whenever you have other questions feel free to sms us. 😊 have a nice day.

I'm so glad to see you in my comment box @bellatravelph. I adore your lively personality and your willingness to help others especially newbies. I am already looking forward for the next meet-up 😊😊

Good luck with your trip in this communitas,

Thank you @arvindkumar. I wish you luck as well my friend and I'm looking forward to read more on your blogs. 😊

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