A sacrificing experience - Steemcamp 3 days camp with over 75 contestants And Supporter update

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Hello Steemians, so sweet to hear from you. Well I had a little writers-block because I and my team have been so busy with @steemcamp knockout semi final stage.

Day 1


We are very happy because this is the first and the biggest MEETUP in Africa, I can't really tell if compared to #steemfest by one of my mentor @roelandp


It was more than what we thought. After the successful Six State Audition/meetup all over Nigeria,
We had 75 contestants present at the camp ground for three(3) days . It was so amazing.

We had to increase our budget in terms of hotel accommodation, welfare and other logistics

These are both the combination of both Miss Steem Pageantry and #OSS One steem stage talent show.

So after their welcome speech by my humble self and @bibiama who is my camp director, we divided them into their various department

#Oss introducing themselves


#Msn Miss Steem Pageant orientation and exercise


At the end of the day, we divided everyone into 3 groups which we gave assignment in terms of cleaning, security, cooking and other logistics arrangement.

Through out the night/next early morning, we had to rehearsals and prepared all contestant for the Semi finals knockout stage.

Then Lights Out

Day 2
My Steem daddy @destinysaid came around. He is the talent manager, theme song PRODUCER and the was the judge of Semi finals at night.


So @destinysaid had a meet up with all One Steem Stage #Oss contestants. He got to know them better and they decided the choice of song to publish.




At night, the show began. Each category of talents presented as they showcase their God giving ideas. You all need to see this videos

So many others activities took place on the 2nd and 3rd day. I'll take my time to give more analysis of the event. For those who are worried about my health and well-being, I am fine and doing great. Thanks for your care and love

Good News

Steemcamp Concert is on the 8th of July and we will be shutting down the city of warri steem.

It's a sacrificing experience because we do not consider the dip in steem price or the fact that we are minnows powering down my Steem power to see this workout out.

I remember when I met Rob of @hyperfundit, As at that point, I felt like giving up. With his moral encourage, he asked me to keep the good work up and I will be supported soon. He is one of the reason I keep on pushing even when I have zero funds to continue the project.
Last week, @steemcamp post trended on steemit blog via trying to raise 1,200sbd for Steemcamp project.

Not to mention @surfyogi who supported with 100 steem while @donkeypong made me know that God was on my side by donating 100 steem.
Other major source of fund generation comes from my post rewards and steempower down.

I can't forget the much love from @wa7 of @dlive for his selfless support, @teamsteem, @demotruk, @lukestokes @hightouch of @fundition ( Anticipate SCAH project for Steemcamp)
We appreciate @adsactly who has decided to support steemcamp vision as we will officially release a post for all who supported us on the Steem blockchain.
@adsactly community is a place where you can get get the best info/update about cryptocurrency on steemit and discord.

Supporters benefits

  • All supporters will be officially recognize on all National publication, our website, offline billboard , flyers, Awards, T-shirts, banners and online social media platforms.

  • VIP tickets will be given to all supporting reps in Nigeria.

  • During the 7 days camp, we will dedicate a day to project our sponsors brand to the offline world

We have more videos and post to publish about steemcamp and we also hope to get more funds via post post payout.

Will you like to support us ? if yes, kindly follow Michaelcj on steemit.com,

To help @steemnaira community group so we can Cather for Newbies from Steemcamp, kindly follow steemnaira trail on steemauto.com

Team members of Steemcamp working with me are
@graface @mrglowz @bibiama @chekwube @Jacobite @janeblue

Thanks for checking up on us. It's your blockchain entertainer, Community builder, Blockchain ambassador. Kindly upvote and Resteem. Thanks

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I'm glad you kept going, look at how many lives you've affected and the contest is still underway! Yes Steem is down, but it always finds its way back up. Keep up the awesome!! I'm always on your side :)


Thanks for the support, we are really grateful for this


God bless you @robchen

I am one of the many lives the steemcamp initiative has greatly impacted upon. Through steemcamp i have been able to learn a lot about life and planning. Steemcamp has helped me to know my weaknesses and also helped nugde me in the right direction. This project is by far the biggest right now in Africa and i do hope it gets all the attention it deserves. So many talented Nigerian youths now have a hope of doing something with their awesome abilities in the steemcamp and on the steem blockchain, instead of giving in a to life of crime and becoming community rejects.

I believe @smartcash will be interested in funding community projects like this because it empowers youths, who are also the major adopters of cryptocurrency. I see a major team play here in changing lives. Awesome work @michaelcj... We appreciate you.

Over and out @dee-y.

I recommend this project to @steemjet community.

I hope @dimimp gets this.


Thanks. Let's hope @dimimp will support this project too.

I am one of the many lives affected by this project. I hope I add meaning to many lives too with my ur group project from steemcamp. Thanks biggie, can't love u less.


Yes and thanks for giving us such opportunity we love you @michaelcj


Thanks dear. I hope you have a wonderful stay here

Welldone boss.. You are really touching lives positively