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RE: Recent interview I did with Titus Frost where I talk about many subjects including: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Market Manipulation, Commodities, Steemit, Steem and Smart Media Tokens.

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GReat work man @TitusFrost wonderful exposition you got going there. The explosion in the cryptocurrency marjet space is actually phenominum right now with the total market capitalization at over $500B that is something to look forward to with cryptocurrencies. Am seriously impressed with the great value #steemit and #steem will add to its users which i believe will far outweigh that of facebook and like @TitusFrost rightly put it is just like comparing fire and ice which are totally two different concepts

The future projection of #steem getting to $500B really gets me excited with the enormous possibilities in this #steemit community prettty awesome if you ask me

A wonderful idea i love from @TitusFrost is the point of #steem holders adopting the mentality of holding to chest their #steem or circulating it amongs themselves in the #steemit community which will greatly help the overall value of #steem go sky high and fire the market capitalization way beyond even the projected $500B mark.

Finally itotally agree with you on the point that with in the next 6 months from today #steem value will appreciate greatly and even become a real alternative to bitcoin..........

Bravos man @TitusFrost


Great comment and thanks for the support. Stephen

very great interview, all of element of this video is settled well. I agree with you Steem will reach 15 then 20 and will go toward 50$; in next 2 month. i am waiting for your very intrest reports dear stephen. thank you

Anytime mate looking forward to more interesting writeups like that


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