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Among the many reasons why steemit has proven to be the best social platform for our time is the fact that it cares. Yes, it really cares about me, you and all. It has done many great deeds to the world that we must tell. The world on a particular day will begin to see the many great things and lives that the steem blockchain has affected. The most amazing of all is how it takes care of people in need. The needy haVE always been catered by steem when the need be.

Children in our societies have benefited so hugely from the love that the steem blockchain shows the world. A classical example is what l share here with the world today as it prepared to cater for the many school children here in Africa, Ghana. We have supplied to many schools through the @girlsfoundation which is under the leadership of @faetee and supervised here in Ghana by myself @mcsamm, a lot of exercise books and other writing materials.

It was however noticed that most students especially girls in schools here in some rural areas in Ghana could not afford an exercise book during the academic year to assist them in the learning process. The excitement and gratitude that parents and guardians showed during this moment was such a remarkable one to share. This and many other reasons we always will show to the world the amazing love that only steem will do to our society.

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serious effort like this to promote steem with prepaid sim cards in sub saharran Africa should be shown to @aggroed @ned @sweetsssj And @blocktrades who can talk to @yensesa and add theirexchange button or link as an option for one of the things you can exchange your steem for, with a simple phone number as all you need to put in to get FIAT to your phone in Ghana, which people use just like cash, or actually cash out at their local Mobile Money MTN Kiosk on every street corner with just a person a table or a box depending on the area, and some cash and a clipbaord and smartphone or tablet to record transactions digitally by hand, a perfect mix of human and machine, of personal and automated digital...

...... so yeah Steem/BTC/LTC to Ghanian Fiat, which is Mobile Money MTN their text SMS money transfer system which is using steem as the second layer for free transactions since MTN changes 10% for EVERY Cashout transaction and I believe ever person to person transaction, maybe not,

either way it would be a milestone for blocktrades to add a simple button for Ghanian cedi b(Fiat) and simply forward a link through to which Ghanian AND nigerian users oall are VERY happy with... having their own exchange shows how serious theri people are as they are the FIRST African country to have a Steem exchange specially built for steem.. made by a tech startup success story in Ghana @blackman who created and sold Kudobuzz his first project

so yensesa on Blocktrades will be a good match, it will only be for Ghanians and Nigerians to use and wont cause any problems,. but will pay off with HUGE media boon, imagine stories about how Blocktrades and Steem have teh first African Mobile Money exchange where Africans are LEAPFROGGING and actually getting their crypto Instantly and Buying it with fiat instantly using SMS and that Mobile Money MTN system, unlike americans who have to wait 3-5 days (And this isnt a technological problem its 100% a known Federal reserve Requirement that is not going away anytime soon because what isn't broken to them , isnt gonna be fixed, so Americans and other westerners will have to wait 3-5 days, A WHOLE WORK WEEK to buy or sell form their bank, (instant buy and sell has never worked for me on coinbase so sorry, others i know also haven't experienced that feature soi ill believe it when I see it, but anyway Ghana and Nigeria have Technologically LEAPFROGGED over the West (a term nate @picokernel taught me ) and that means they use their recent adoption fo the latest smartphone tech to skip past all the old internet tech the US and west has to tear out and replace just to get what Dveloping cpountries get as their FIRST internet experience... imagine STARTING with a touchscreen 4g smartphone as your FIRST device.... well anyway because they already had text SMS based Money system that was more widespread in their country than paypal is here, they were bale to use this Ghanian digital fiat as the missing link in remote Crypto Transactions where you need that one safe way to transfer money between FIAT DIgitally over long distances, and since they have a Government sanctioned main banking and cell service company running this MTN Mobile money and kiosks on every corner for people to go a step further and conmveryt the perfectly acceptable MTN they can send as texts on theri p[hone intro actual Cash at kiosks at every busy corner, and so think about how this exchange could be replicated for more African nations, and otehr natioons outside africa, as @blackman @black-man has ALREADY used his @yensesa .com exchange to list NIGERIAN fiat as well! So he has Steem, Bitcoin Litecoin and now NIGERIAN FIAT as well so he has allowed a WHOLE new country tro use his exchange and it relaly could be a goal of steem, to get an exchange for every currency zon/country on earth and show a map with different places fille din where steem has easy to acces exchanges online and otc ....

tldr; Anyway Just wanted to show @blocktrades the @yensesa steem to Ghanian Fiat exchange and how with aan SMS someone could get instant fiat in Ghana froim steem/btc/ltc so you can just add a button for those coins on your site, as "Ghanian Cedit (Fiat over sms) and if people signup extra info to you like ID to get EOS and OMisGo exchanges then heh im sure this will be no problem :D People even outside of Africa should love to see African fiat currencies as the first offered on blocktrades...


wow, you always show wonderful ideas and they really are all good just as @surfyogi always say. Thanks always for the love, support and direction you have always given to help bring the many Africans on the blockchain so high. I am thanking you and great steemians like @adetorrent @surfyogi @joythewanderer @dswigle and others for helping me to carry the steem message everywhere.

Thanks for the love

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you are most welcome. Thanks for passing by.

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