A Memorable Day To Remember @Kumasi Children's Home Powered By Steem

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Looking back int ones life should sometimes give you some eventful moments to celebrate..Good and sweet moment l mean. Especially when it brought so much happiness to you..Making you feel like you really need to change the hand of time so you could visit that back..


This feeling of such has just been created as l spent good time with a family at the Orphanage here in Kumasi Ghana..Steemit Family l mean.
We visited the Home yesterday for some love and sweet moments...The just ended visitation brought so much happiness and love to us renewing our strenght as a group and redefining our purpose in life..Steemit is really transforming lives.

It appears to me we still havent ended the visitation yet..It featured a lot of steemians from the SteemitAshanti with the support of leaders of TeamGhana such as @tj4real @anaman @kwakumax @richforever @collinz @ehmkannde and myself @mcsamm. A lot more activities was discussed to help us grow bigger as well...You just couldnt afford to miss the fun this visitation came with.














we are grateful

This is just to announce to all steemians our deepest gratitude to whoever help and supported us in diverse ways to ensure its success.I just cant forget the support of

A detail info about the entire acyivity is going to be shared soon for everyone's view.But till then,TeamGhana just ended another successful meetup at the Kumasi Children's Home which we are so grateful to every single steemian for its success.


 Photo credit : LG Optimus G5



It was such a great steep and I believe the goid Lord will greatly reward our effort. #steemitashanti #steemitghana

Thank you so much for being a par of thiss @steem4depoor looks up to you they all see you as proof that Ghanians can MAKE it on Steem!!

@steem4depoor did so marvelously well to share this moment with #steemitashanti ...It was so nice to see him come with the Team SteemGhanaFoundation..theres more to share on this platform..thanks always @ackza

@ackza Now that is what a call SUCCESS a day at a time.......Zach you are making Life better for so many especially with the way you put your support into Ghana.................

Steemit is the best

@mcsamm @steemgh lets do some sort of promotion soon with this school, check in a year later or so, also, steem-engine.com

I'm glad to be part of this great work, it was indeed a memorable day, thanks @mcsamm for your support to #teamghana

This inspires me so much and makes me so happy to be a part of this wonderful organazation! Thank you for all of those who put this together!! @collinz

Thanks for the support and love..lets work harder to make it bigger

We hope to make steemit a place for ghana

i feel bad missed your calls from the orphanage, but I had to help @truestory157 at the hospital. Bad reaction to medicated shampoo, stopped breathing, hospital revived him, Hes OK now, all on my post. He will be helping to work with us on streets of san dirgo8

I f m gonn send yu $100 in eos for this, pm me your eos addess @mcsamm thank you so muh=

I heard about that too @ackza ...butvthats so unfortunate...he has our full support and hope to work with him too...thanks for tge support and we hope to see you talk to our members at our next meetup at the KNUST campus during their Hall week..am grateful for the $100 eos and l gotta make a post about that asap sir

Yeah and i was able to make that $100 back just posting about it plus $50 profit do this counts as rational self interest

Hey i was looking at tjis post and I wanted to actually get another project like this up and running on as low of a budget as possible as an experiment to see how profitable it is as a business plan to actually create an smt for a sort of promotion of steam which has a side effect of donating money two children who cannot fend for themselves as a marketing system for steem with built in charity functiom that teaches Ayn Rand and rational self interest ti the kids

looks great
kids look happy
really cool efforts

Thank you always @surfyogi . Indeed we can always make it big with your absolute support.Let me add also that your support and guidance makes me feel more than good to be on steemit...we love to bring a lot more on board to share this experience

Hey @christoryan @coinshocker Come upvote this! I think this is what we need to do in the streets of dallas for schools... @lovecoins

Wow...it is obviously one ofvthe the best ways to tell the world about steemit..being in steemit alone is a great promo,not to talk of getting intouch with other people to help tranform lives..we need not to keep this alone..we surely have to step out and share with others..the streets of dallas would be amazed to see you guys do this..just get things started and you have all of our support @koh @christoryan @coinshocker ...many thanks to you guys for supporting steem promo activities.

Absolutely phenomenal

I hope you realise that seeing this has made me smile a huge smile. Here is an example not only of the blockchain starting to make changes to the world, but it being done by VOLUNTARYISTS who can then be rewarded by a grateful community! That's changed the whole fucking game forever.

Am good to see you give so much inspiration...am just up for the game..working with you fels better always @anarcotech. Thanks always sir

Keep doing more to spread steemit in Ghana and Africa @mcsamm. Thanks for the effort of the team and the support @ackza

You are always welcome bro @aquatp2

Steem family of ghana keep a important preface and create a new image of @Steemit...i am proud of you be a member of steemit...
the Orphanage in Kumasi Ghana will give salutes to the steem family of Ghana...humanity is appearing on that photo...
thanks steem family of ghana..
@upvoted @resteem

It feels good to see people like you too..thanks for these words @lafzaia

Salut every one steemer ..Carry on your activists.

thanks for motivating us..happy seeing you

Wow. It pains me i had to miss this one. You guys really did an awesome job. And am so happy within myself that all the kids had a lovely time with you. Will not miss out on the second one for any thing. You guys rock

You surely cant miss our next meetup at KNUST very soon...we feel good working with people like you @tj4real

Well-done guys I am very proud of you guys.
Let's keep remembering this little children. They are our future steemian

Thanks always @kofpato

thanks many times...steem on

i like your information ,it is educative and inspiring, thank you

And thank you too

Great works, I wish you success

and you too....life is successful with you here on steemit..thanks steemian

This is so beautiful @mcsamm,
Its good to do things for the poor and the needy...just because we can.
Thank you for putting a smile on the face of those kids bro.
Keep steeming!

And it was so fun..we just take inspiration from you guys @nairadaddy

kudos bosses steemit is really touching lives @mcsamm @collinz @anaman @zicodee
@ackza you're life changers indeed

Good to see you here @philiyce

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Am proud of Africa; I am proud of our origin and how we have come to conform what we might have gone through in life so that others do not suffer. I am proud of @steem4depoor. Thank you for the support from our various benefactors and benefactresses.

@gloglo. It feels so good to see you share the love of Africans on steemit..we about to raise the flag of steem higher to everyones view...thanks for these words and you are followed @gloglo

very nice project.
May Allah help you.

Thank you

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Wow...... Its so great to put a smile on someone's face. Good job done @mcsamm and the entire @Steemitashanti team

Your effort was such an amazing one...it feels really good working with you @w4c

This is great. God bless everyone who supported this program one way or the other. I am really happy...steemit has come to stay in ghana...huray !!!

Lets celebrate the excitement

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There is no good work done in vain....you will surely get a reward for it.

Amen..thanks for your words @evangehlym

You guys are doing a great job there. That is awesome!

Thanks many times sir..you are an inspirration @old-guy-photos

wonderful photography my dear friend @mcsamm
i love your all post, please visit my blog

Its amazing how steemit keeps making life better

Your contribution to this initiative was very worth it. @mcsamm.

Good to have you bro

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