SteemIbadan Meet-up: the Later Comer Version. Networking at its best.


Fellow eSTEEMed,

Today was wonderful, full of self-discovery, networking and meeting new amazing people. I got invited to the steemibadan meetup by @tojukaka. I would have loved to be part of the organizing team but unfortunately, my studies took most of my time lately. This time the meet up was bigger, hotter (literally and truly) and merrier.


@ajremy had to take off his sweatshirt

I planned to attend early but sleep had a good part of my day. I eventually woke up from my dream about the meetup to attend the actual meetup. I met a good remainder of the programme where @thelovejunkie was giving her talks on steemit ettiquettes. As I saw the large crowd, I had to stay back and smile, and then to move inside the venue became war.


see the crowd

I am Agoraphobic!

I remained outside to network with those outside too. I met @olanrewaju, @camillus, @honourmaus (again), @fisteganos, @destinysaid (steemit school father), @mimy, @jotmax, @danield, @ewuoso, @akintunde and a lot more beautiful steemians. Seeing @destinysaid was just amazing because I have always wanted to see him and discuss with him, unfortunately, he is quite a busy man and we didn’t really talk much.

I was still fighting my fear of the crowd when @valchiz had to come down to take me inside the venue. He then introduced me to @kesolink , was glad I met him. I listened to the lectures given by @nairadaddy, @destinysaid and @gbenga. The newbies kept on asking lots of questions (dozens of them) and the veteran steemians present answered the questions to the best they could.


@valchiz and @kesolink

The programme ended though it seemed many didn’t want it to end but it was already dark. One could see the smiles of the newbies as they met and talked to other steemians. I know this feeling as I have felt it before. Networking continued, friends and mentors advising and giving tips on how to be successful both as a steemian and a human (are they different? let’s discuss).

We said our goodbyes. I wanted to see @valchiz and @kesolink off to the car park to sagamu as they came the way from Ogun state for the meet up. Then, @michealcj invited us for an after party at the hotel where he was lodged. We, @valchiz, @kesolink and I, had to go get something before attending the party, so we couldn’t follow them directly.

After getting what we wanted, it was time to go for the after part, getting the location was hard, very hard. I’ve stayed in Ibadan for 5 years now, though I don’t know everywhere, I try to know as much places as I can but I couldn’t just find the lodge. I think maybe it was how it was called or how I heard it. The place is actually “Peak Court Hotel” but we heard “Peacock Hotel or Pee Court Hotel or Peacourt Hotel”, it was stressful. We roamed the city before we found the place; unfortunately, it seems it ended before we arrived. We went back to my place, University College Hospital, to eat and rest.

No pictures to put here

Phew, what a day, fortunate and unfortunate events. I’m glad I met amazing steemians today, though most of non steemians I invited didn’t attend, I was still glad to see lots invited by other people. Saw some steemians whose pictures I have seen but didn’t have the courage to meet them and talk to them. I hope to attend more meet ups, organize some and meet more amazing people.

Note: I didn’t take any pictures, Im not a photogenic steemian. All pictures were taken by my friends except the invite picture from @tojukaka.



Thank u very much. The organisers did a greatest of the job

Ibadan meet up was some thing else. I am still amazed at the turn up. The highest so far, for now.

I tell you. I never expected it. I was so happy. Sadly, I didn't meet/see you.

Thank God you made it to the venue. I thought u were going to sleep all through yesterday. Hahaha

Lol..... So Lee can sleep for Africa?

Wait.. Is it your sleep? I'll come for that your head now.

Baba.. The power of meet-up is stronger than sleep. I follow you thank God. Na to come Benin soon be the next agenda.

I wish we met. I was at the event. It was splendid

It was nice meeting you too @learnandteach01. The program was one in million and i enjoyed every single moment

It was such an amazing Meetup that i wouldn't trade for anything else in the world at least for now. Lol
When i saw you, i lept for joy as i've been looking around for you.
I therefore can no longer underestimate the power of community!

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