Clap Twice!! STEEM THUNDERCLAP is back for round two. The online FLASHMOB of STEEMIANS! - Join now

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Ever wonder how you could possibly contribute to the promotion of Steem? Now you can, easily! @fitzgibbon initiated a steem thunderclap on twitter not long ago, and he is running one again!! (Genius aye?)


With the combination of this hilariously accurate GIF by @overkillcoin

DQmU4iLBtaztPtkaPZbBZ9pt3hbRcKbEoHZVYUSLtnW7c4f (1).gif

And the power of Steemineers, the plan is to reach 1 MILLION people this time. So sign up here , it's easy, and the thunderclap will automatically post it for you on February the 13th


Every bit counts..


IMPORTANT: information for the people joining with a Facebook account
This Thunderclap was set-up for Twitter. Be advised, some very good feedback from @reggaemuffin: The GIF from @overkillcoin does not come across perfectly on Facebook through a Thunderclap. If you want to participate with a Facebook account, we advise you to modify the message a little bit and include a picture. Or, replace the in the message by " ". @fitzgibbon


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Hello, your post was nominated for an upvote by a fellow within the Sndbox incubator. Thanks for sharing @kaykunoichi. Steem on :D

Well thank you very much @sndbox :D

Thank you for bringing attention to the Thunderclap!!

Thank you for starting it!

Great initiative! Just signed up, full support! Kudos