A Bigginers Guide To Convince more people to join steemit!!!Because it's really amazing

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Would you mind checking out my 5 ways to persuade people around you to join steemit, I know everyday you meet people, but once you've found them how do you persuade them to drop what they're doing and join you on this amazing platform. (Steemit) Actually I'm planning to go to the village and invite to tell some of my non-cryptocurrency enlightened friends to Steemit and I'd like to help them join with a smoother on-boarding,
From my experience in promoting steemit to people around us , i can say that the entry barrier to steemit is still low. So I've got some of the ways to persuade them to join us on steemit because I'm sure in few years to come they will blame us for not telling them more about Steemit, because it will be too late for them to join. And i would like to ask you to add more to this list in the comment section below

1 Preach the platform

You have to learn how to preach about steemit, if you really want people to join steemit, As a Mentor , you have to be convincing, if you want people to join so that they can make it one of the top social media, Make sure to speak about the opportunities Steemit has to offer, try to speak about the unique strength it has which other social medias are lucking and how it gives financial freedom to people. It would make a very good impression to your friends and they will definitely think of giving steemit a try.

2 Tell them it's a good opportunity to make money while sleeping

When you begin to to tell people to create quality contents,they will be slightly hesitant to join. but you can change their perception by telling them it's a good chance to have another source of income to make ends meet. Even though you can't create for them quality content, you can tell them to up vote and comment on others work or maybe upload videos on D-TUBE, In that way. try to combine quality content as well as uploading their videos on DTUBE as an option. it will definitely turn their heads towards you.

3 Your big Team

Of course everyone wants to join a team which has fun loving people. So my friend who is reading this, Try to convince them that the people they will be working with on steemit are smart , supportive and they look forward to make steemit a lot more interesting.
Sometimes you should take your friends out for dinner or some other place to grab drinks as you tell them more about the platform,Trust me your friends will feel better.

4 Make Yourself Rare Sometimes

You should also make yourself look like a rare person. Convince people in such a way that what you're offering to them is hardly available these days, And if people miss out to join steemit, they will actually miss out on something great. This could actually work and make people want to join Steemit Plus it is a natural tendency among most people to want what they can’t have. It is a psychological guide and has always triggered something among people. So use this as an effective technique to get people join us

5 Show Them It's a Chance To Build something Meaningful

Let your friends or workmates or maybe neighbors know that joining steemit could be a good opportunity for them to go out of the box and do something that is interesting and unexpected. make it a point to spend some time with these people and talk to them about how excited and happy you are about this amazing platform and how it changes people's lives . It could be a fun game and a great opportunity to share and speak what’s on your mind. You could be very successful with this one.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,

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What do you think? What other persuasive ways should we use to get more people join us on steemit? because it's really amazing, Share your experience in the comment box below.


thanks jordanlove for this awesome article, it has really taught me something,and i'm looking forward to use some of these ways to persuade my friends in class, for sure they are simple and easy.
i wish i could vote your post like 100 times.

continue doing the good work

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