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Yesterday was a busy day for me,from Surulere I went to Festac to see a friend and from Festac to Iyana Ipaja. On my way to Iyana Ipaja,I experienced this huge traffic. I was travelling alone so was kind of bored, since we still had a long way to go, I brought out my phone and started steeming. I was so carried away by the beautiful articles on my feed,I didn't notice that the guy beside me had been spying on my phone. I was on the fourth article when he asked me if it was an app.
"No it isn't " I replied and continued steeming. "what is it? I saw something like Tribalism in Nigeria " he asked. {"It's non of your business oga,face your front! }"
Hahahaha,of cause I didn't say that. It hit me that the guy has interest in articles and it's an opportunity for me to spread the gospel of steemit in @honourmaus voice.

I gave him a summary of steemit, he was super excited. He told me that he loves research and he has a lot of his work that is just laying somewhere,he had never heard of steemit and has a lot of friends that would dance to this,he wish he heard it earlier. We exchanged numbers and I promised to assist him with further info. We finally got to our destination, highlighted from the bus and found that we were going to the same place. He helped me with my heavy bag ~gentle man~, until we saw a bike man. We entered the same bike, he was grateful as told him more exciting things about steemit and @Euronation,a team that I belong to.
He dropped from the bike before me,when I got to my destination,I gave the bike man money and he said that the gentle man paid for me,I didn't even notice.


On getting home, I had a flashback on our discussion and I figured out a whole lot of things.

  1. Steemit awareness is poor

  2. There are lot of people out there that would love to key in but haven't heard about steemit.

  3. Our main target should be students


  1. I am known as a writer on Facebook and I make friends with writers. Until the day I joined steemit,I never heard or saw anything about it on Facebook.

  2. I belong to ~pens club~ in my school, we write and try to find means to improve our writing skills and earn from writing, no one ever brought up steemit.

  3. I have asked friends,coursemates and people I know that write well if they know about steemit, ~none of them does~

  4. I made a post on Facebook concerning steemit,was expecting fellow steemians to come in and drop their username so we could follow each other but none did cause they know nothing about it, the response I got was from people asking me what it's about via inbox.


  1. The guy I talked about in the beginning of this post said he wish he knew about steemit while he was in school, he would shared things he learnt in school there and would never run out of ideas,also it would have helped him earn without having to work outside school.

  2. Steemit accepts only original work and encourages creativity, all these I believe would be easily passable for a student.

  3. Students spend more time with their phone than others.


  1. As members of steemit, we should step up our game in preaching the steemit gospel. Someone told you about steemit,tell someone else. Even if you discovered steemit on your own,it is still up to you to make other key in. If among all the members on steemit, there is no one that you know personally then you are a steemit pegan.

  2. Let's make use of Facebook and other social media, Steemit should be as popular as Instagram and the rest,we can add each other on Facebook and help do the preaching.

  3. Inform all the writers you know,friend,relative,enemy,just keep spreading.

  4. Get a Steemit shirt


  1. Support programs like SIN (check out @stellabelle for more info), Stach-hub (check out @Stach for more info) and so on.

Let's join hands and make steem mining an occupation for all
Thanks for reading, you can share more ideas on how we can preach the Gospel of steem


You are absolutely right. In the country I'm from (Romania) I've never heard about steemit. None of my friends have no idea what it is. As about students,I am a student myself and I was looking forward on starting posting about the field I'm studying. Steemit is a good way to write and share your interests and earn some extra money from it. Too bad it's not as largely known as other social means of communication.

Happy you share my point of view.
Lets put some effort in making it well known.
I also intend sharing my school work when i get back to school.

It's time to start spreading the STEEMIT good news
It's time to kick start the campaign for STEEMIT movement

Yea,the time is now
Steem on coach

Thanks for been a good student and a persistent one

good post sister ☻

Found you in a round-about way from the facebook steemit group. (Post by that crappy person leaving steemit for good.)
Anyway, I clicked through and loved your post. Except everyone could use steemit not just students! I'm a mature adult.
Upvoted you. Check out my blog at @joe.nobel. If there is something you like I would have no objections if you upvote me too. No obligation.

Thanks for droping by
You are right,its not just students but i see them as a centre of attraction

You really tried to carry the guy along. Other girls would have been hostile thinking the guy wanted to toast them. You know these ugly village girls and the way usually think.

Sure you are very right, nigeria students will really like to be part of this revolution

Yeah you are right but my thinking have grown above that,i know a positive interest when i see one

Steemit is a new phenomenon in these parts of the world but I tell you it's catching on like wild fire. Thank you for your patience with that guy which later paid off.

Yes ooo
Thanks for reading

Good job.I did same too with a visitor whom i dnt give attention.At first he was furious about my absentmindedness, but after introducing him to it, he became damn interested

I think that's the steem attitude, we all need to learn it, always spread the news

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