Day 4 :Supporting the Steem Social Media Blast Day with Tim Cliff, Promo-Steem & Oracle-D

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In this post below I will talk about my activity to my other social media profiles, that is Linkedin and Google plus.


I have participated in the is Steemblast campaign from day one, in fact, I have always shared about Steem or Steemit on my Twitter and Facebook profiles because they are the ones I use often!


I shared the link on Linkedin a show below.

The activity on this platform is not really encouraging as most of you know Linkedin is not used by most people me inclusive!

It has only a paltry 10 views!

I also share Google plus another less used platform!


There are a few people who use Linkedin and Google plus who follow me who might be interested in crypto!
I have resolved to concentrate on posting and replying on Twitter since I have got impressive views in the past!

I will also keep posting on my Facebook account and pages as they also create some engagement.


Jarau Moses

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If you see my message, please reply me.


Sorry i have taken long to reply to you.
Is it okay if we link up on Discord chat,i use this same name .