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Have you heard about how Promo-steem is promoting the Steem blockchain around the world?

Well, I'm an animator and I'm really proud to play a small part in this amazing initiative, so I'd like to present the team with this GIF animation:


It's free for all you wonderful Steem promoters to use, so just right-click and select "copy image address" and you can paste it into YOUR post to make it look more professional!

I originally did the animation for the promo-steem videos, but I thought why not make a version for Steem as well!

The core team @starkerz, @stephenkendal and @anarcotech are doing an amazing job promoting the Steem blockchain. Thanks for your hard work promoting Steemit, lads!

Wish you all the best supporting this amazing platform!

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Great stuff jack!! Love ur work! Upvoted and resteemed! I look forwards to this featuring in more promo steem work!


You and the promo-steem team have done so much amazing work for the Steem blockchain. It's my pleasure to play a small part in this awesome initiative!


@jacklimeris this is a great promo resource that can also be added to the promo-steem website, right @starkerz so that many more people can take advantage of using this great material?


Yes, of course the team is welcome to add the GIF to the website!


Hi @starkerz have you seen my last reply regarding the Guild? I am waiting for it to release the post/document to see if we can accelerate getting SP delegations for @steem-ambassador

Also, once you have the chance, it would be great to get your thoughts on the last Chapter 8 I posted yesterday!

Chapter 8 of 11: Learning about "How Making Connections & Relationships with Smart and Creative People helps make our way on steemit and make steemit a better place"

Regards, @gold84

Really love this Jack. Thanks so much dude. Brilliant work!

Please vote me... help me friend...


Thanks for your support, @owenkay!

Great logo build Jack - proud of you


Made it my bookmark for future use! Thank you @jacklimberis


No problem @francispalo, glad you like it!

Love this one @jacklimberis and thanks for sharing with the Steemit community - helps us make our posts look good and professional


Yeah, these guys have worked so hard on Steem promotion, they totally deserve it!

I like your post @jacklimberis good luck with your amazing work.


Thanks for your support @artywink!

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