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This is a call-to-action. Every Steemians' opinion is needed to set up a good action plan for the future of Steem ecosystem. So please:

Read! Vote! Resteem!

What's this week's topic? Making STEEM a payment vehicle! The question to answer is:
What would encourage businesses to accept payments in Steem??

Seven ideas were developed in SOS forum no. 7 by @pennsif and his guests @aggroed, @danielvehe, @dearw, @disregardfiat, @imacryptorick, @markegiles, @papa-pepper, @sagescrub, @teamhumble, @thecryptodrive @theycallmedan and @globocop.

Raise merchant's awareness
Visit merchants personally
Teach merchants how to use Steem
Influence coaches
Make usage easy
Bring money into Steem (merchants go where customers with money are)
Make shopping a VR-experience

Which of these ideas should be turned into action? All of them? Probably that won't work because of limited resources. There is a lot to do to make the Steem ecosystem flourish.

So, who should decide upon what to do? Since there is no central authority, a decentralised way has been established. Check this post for the details.

To make a long story short: your opinion matters! Please help identify, which of the given ideas are most promising in terms of impact and feasibility. Polls help you sort out, which one is really promising. So here you go. Please answer all seven of them:

Raise merchants' awareness
Visit merchants personally
Teach merchants
Influence coaches
Make usage easy
Bring money into Steem
Make shopping a VR-experience

Results will look like this:

Portfolio SOS forum 7 examples.png

And after you've finished, please RESTEEM this post. As many answers as possible are needed to develop a sound strategy for the Steem ecosystem. Results will be published here and on the blog of @impactn.


Unfortunately we got cut off at the end of the SOS show, but I am excited to tell you that our Homesteaders Co-op is already using steem as a payment vehicle. We are already taking action as a decentralized community since last year.

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

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