Davao City’s First SteemPh Meet Up Caravan

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photo by @dandalion

Our first ever SteemPh meet up that was held last April 7, 2018, at the Café Demitasse, F. Torres Street, Davao City was definitely a success. The Meet Up Caravan at Café Demitasse started around 1 o’clock in the afternoon but I was late for about 30 minutes because I was still traveling from North Cotabato because of work.

The event was presided by Ma’am @dandalion and Sir @steemitph (Red) who traveled very far across Malolos, Bulacan just for the sake of promoting and campaigning Steemit Philippines as well as meeting up the Steemians and non-Steemians from Davao City.

The venue for the meet up was perfect. The ambiance was great, the dining area was spacious, fast internet connection, and they served delicious treats.

Discussion Proper

Sir Red discussed to us about SteemPh as a whole and the different communities existing within it like Cebu, Iligan, Manila, and Bulacan as well as the different personalities to vote as witnesses like @steemgigs, @precise and etc. He also introduced to us different apps that were built in the Steem blockchain like SteemAuto, SteemD, Busy.Org, (although I’m already using busy.org in my past write-ups) and the services we can offer in the open-source projects @utopian-io. He also showed us his analysis of the trends in the activities between Steem and Steem Backed Dollars.

Both Sir Red and Ma’am Danda shared with us their experiences with Steemit, how Steemit helped them financially as well as introducing us to successful Pinoy Steemians like @jacinta.sevilla, @asbonclz, @jassennessaj and many more. I was touched and inspired by their dedication and passion to help, by going out of their way just to help us minnows to improve and succeed in our Steemit career.

We then had a short break and Ma’am Jass introduced to us her best friend Ms. Pamela Grace Janson, an environmental advocate and a representative of Davao City in the last Ms. Earth Philippines 2017 pageant, to present to us, participants, a short but impactful reality about the cause and effect done by plastic pollution.

photo by @jacinta.sevilla

Although it was indeed a short presentation it gave us hard facts about the truth of the current status of what’s happening in this world with regards to plastic pollution. The videos that she showed us left me thinking and pondering about the way I’m living my daily lifestyle involving my plastic footprints and that I can still change the way how I lived my life.

Ma’am Jass then rewarded some participants with her beautiful artworks including ma’am Danda and sir Red.

@jacinta.sevilla art piece given to @dandalion


We ended the afternoon with big smiles and a group picture. There are more than 20 of us, Steemians and non-Steemians, who participated in this event and I’m truly grateful that I attended the meet up because if not for this meet up I won’t be able to meet and greet amazing people like Sir Red, Ma’am Danda, and Ma’am Jass. ^^,
Steem On SteemPh Davao!

Thank you for your time reading this and please look forward to my next episode. If you enjoyed it, you might also like to read my other posts on the link provided below and a resteem is alway appreciated.

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So glad that you attended an amazing meetup @iamkuyaj. Amazing things are happening in Davao! :)

Congratulations and I'm happy to be included in your post :)


you're welcome @jassennessaj 😊
you have been an inspiration to many steemians especially on what you have achieved in Cebu City even as a student. 😊
Both Ma'am Danda and Sir Red keep mentioning your name. hehe


Wow! I'm flattered and there are butterflies in my stomach now. Haha. Thanks a lot! More power!!


dakpon ta ng mga butterflies be. hahaha

Hope you guys had a great time together!


we sure did 😊🤘

We had one here in Perth early March, it was really nice meeting other Steemians, yours looks like it was a bigger gathering than ours but looks just as fun all the same :)


community engagement really is fun and you can learn a lot and get to meet new people. 😊

I hope next time maka kuyog mi :) :) Cheers to steemit davao!


Mabuhay! ^^)

Sir Terry resteem your post wow you're lucky!

Happy steeming


thanks. happy steeming to you as well

nice post



Ooh! Good to see someones organizing to your meetups @iamkuyaj. Goodluck for your next meetup and enjoy.


thanks. 😊😊
we are very lucky to have fellow Filipinos and even from other country going out their way to reach out and help us minnows.


Much welcome friend!

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