Promoting the Steem Blockchain with Tim Cliff, Promo-Steem & Oracle-D

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Don’t know if I should call it a bandwagon or not but what I remember from the small commerce classes I had is that bandwagons can be good for business. People just falling in to do or purchase something primarily because others are doing so but also because it’s the right thing to do. Something that ought to be done. The effect had me and I too went out to participate in the social media blast as recommended by @timcliff himself. What really got me going was the works/posts from @cryptocurator, @jaraumoses and @brayan256. Epic works. The Steem blockchain isn't something something that should be slept. People need to have the urge to reach into it and experience it's goodness. As for those looking to invest, sure win right there.

First off, why are we doing this? To grow the steem community. To provide viable investment opportunities to the outside world that could prove profitable. To ensure the continued existence, growth and development of the steem blockchain.

I’ll start with the basics. Whatsapp. Getting the information out to my closest circle of people. My contacts. An inevitable 30 views in less than 24 hours. I think they got it.

My Facebook; More people on this site than there were on earth a few decades ago. Posted via Instagram.

Instagram. Under the same ownership and the two above. Post shared to facebook successfully. Tumblr was a hustle.

Twitter: My favourite. I take most of my noise, rants and banter on this side of virtuality. Great impressions right there.

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