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The Steem blockchain has been around for a couple of years now and those that joined earliest are the happiest. Mostly I think. But this platform is better off bigger and better and with greater numbers. The bigger the number we have here the higher the demand for steem and the higher its value. How do we get the numbers? Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.
Promoting it on the streets, on social media, in printed media like newspapers and magazines and also printed articles like T-shirts.
So far @teamuganda is doing great promoting the Steem blockchain through social media and word on the street. What is even more amazing are these printed articles below;

  1. T-shirts and shirts. Team Uganda members have willingly contributed 20,000 ugandan shillings(about $5.5) each towards the making of these t-shirts. Some have only had the print put onto their already existing t-shirts. Once someone sees you in this t-shirt, they'll definitely ask you about steemit and you will be ready to tell them all about it.

  2. Wristbands. Introduced during the Team Uganda Steem Meet-up last month. These cost between 2000 to 4000 uganda shillings( about $0.5 to & $1) These accessories are a sure way to get someone's attention

  3. Stickers. These go onto your laptop, door,chair, fridge, car, wall etc and they cost only 1000 uganda shillings (about $0.25). As you can see below my laptop can "gerrit". The stickers also promote the D-apps besides the mother Steemit. Be ready to answer once someone asks "what are these?" or "what is steemit?" or "what are these for?"

Printed media has been mostly overlooked but it still works greatly. Promoting the steem blockchain through newspapers and magazines could be fundamental to it's quick rise in terms of popularity and usage. Printed media will reach an audience that social media can't reach (satisfactorily). This is mostly because printed media is still trusted more than social media. Let's get busy promoting.

Hail Hydra-zine

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Hi, @hydrazine thank you for the beautiful post. It has been restreemed by the community