First Uniben Steemit Meetup With @destinysaid, Steemit Campus Invasion in a Bit.

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Hello Steemians!!

A wonderful morning to you all from Nigeria. Yesterday, In the spirit of Steemit Campus invasion @destinysaid decided to visit us in Uniben in preparation for the Steemit Campus Invasion which will be taking place in various tertiary institutions in Nigeria and also talk about how to build the Steemit community in Uniben. The Steemit community in Uniben is still small and we wish to expand it, this prompted the meetup.


We talked at length on how to spread the goodnews of Steemit to the Uniben community. A lot of Uniben students have heard about Steemit and will be needing guidance. On that note we will be creating a group to mentor the newbies and show them how Steemit works. Also, strategies have been put in place to get a lot of people in the university community talking about Steemit in no distant time.


me, @destinysaid and @gracehills.

The turn up was massive, at first I thought it was just me and a few guys. But I was surprised the guys showed up. In attendance were @kingeazi, @paskoloo, @epaphrasdaniel, @kinggolo, @gracehills, @motivatorjoshua, @stevenson7, @voiled25th, @danpete, @searchengine and @rexsanguis.



Yeah!!! I can't leave the fun part out. We had mad fun, it was so wonderful meeting with fellow Steemians. As you can see from the photos we were all happy and our goals in spreading the goodnews throughtout the university campus is nonetheless at the back of mind.


Our numbers might not be much for now, but in a month or few months to come and before the Steemit Campus Invasion reaches our community, we hope to have a great number of dedicated Steemians. Building a vibrant steemit community won't be an easy job but we know with support from everyone we will definitely succeed.

Steemit Campus Invasion in Otefe, Delta State.

Come 4th February, 2018 from 2pm -5:30pm the first Steemit Campus Invasion will take place in Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe with @destinysaid and @jackdogho as the organiser.

The Steemit Campus Invasion is a way to preach the goodnews of Steemit using entertainment . Free giveaways, dancing and singing competitions will be the main activities to bring people in, while the goodnews of steemit is been delivered to everyone. .


Thanks to @destinysaid for taking out time to visit us and discuss on how we can move the Uniben community Forward. We are so grateful for your support.


@hornblende na only u Waka come. Seeing u beside @destinysaid in all the pictures. Kilode, oya shift make another person stay there to na.

Thank God the meet-up finally hold and we are hoping to see more of you guys.

Lolz... I dey tap all the anointing from @destinysaid na..

Yeah we thank God it was successful and I'm really happy with the turnout.

Make u no tap all finish o. Leave some for us o

Seems like it'll be massive fun. Weldone you guys. I'll be taking steemit to the North soon

That will be nice...Everyone needs to hear about steemit.

Great then. You are followed!

Great meet-up! You are all guys though, the next one coming, be like say Charm go show face for there. See my papa @destinysaid looking innocent with that his quiet face.

I doff my hat for you all. 🙌

Thanks @charm29... We have a lady in our midst right now.. She joined us today.

Was great meeting you boss

Me too... Hope to meet you again.

Let's do this man. I am a student of the University of Benin and a Campus Ambassador for FELA DUROTOYE...

Wow!!.. That's really nice.. Contact me on discord with same name,so we can talk further.

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