THANK you @surfyogi for the boost and also testing123 for the tablet you gave us through @steem4depoor

in #promo-steem6 years ago (edited)


Upon receiving my tablet I realized how real @steem4depoor is even though before he could liquidate to cover the cost of the tablet he was hacked.Honestly i felt very bad knowing that the one who introduced me to this amazing platform lost virtually everything overnight and it seems nothing has happened to him. Though it hard to tell how he felt deep inside he was hurting and needed help. I was left without hope as I plan of quiting my job until @steem4depoor now known as @steemgh came to bring hope again back to my life.He care when no one seem to care at all and sometimes i ask myself whether he is a disguised angel working as a human. His word are word of hope and believe that we all must be free in everything that we do. I strongly believe that things will change for him. He actually delivered the tablet and not a scammer.


I decided to quit my life threatening Job and start all over again job haunting. This time I was hoping to work as a social worker helping @steem4depoor and getting paid through steemit and I was very optimistic about it up to now regardless of what has happened to my good friends account.I can see clearly he has not given up and even planning to do great things and me giving up is not going to be an option at all.I am hoping that through this amazing platform I will be able to continue with my education and become the teacher I have always dream't of becoming. I am currently mobilizing funds for my entrance forms and my school fees with support from my parents.


This week i joined @steemgh in a massive steemit promotion at the university of education winneba campus and We discussed much about the vision of Ghana steem Foundation. At @steemgh is really investing into the foundation


I know that guy!
Best to you ladies, thanks for so many encouraging words. Please use the #wafrica tag now too! ;-)

Teaching people to fish!
I love that stuff...
You do the work, and I fund the project, that works for me!

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