Meetup at the University of Benin, Nigeria and encouraging Nigerian Students

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Hello steemians. Today's meetup at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, was really one of a kind. @destinysaid graced us with his presence.


I was able to take some pictures during this process, I'm sure you'll love them.

@hornblende, I (@gracehills) and @destinysaid

Urrm.. This is actually the first meetup I attended as a Steemian. Since I joined steemit, I'd always craved for one, where I'll be able to interact with other steemians, unlike the distant communication we are used to.


A lot were discussed with respect to how we can preach the message of steemit here in Uniben. Our goals were written down and trust me, this meetup seminar is really one of a kind.

It created an atmosphere for me to learn, relearn and unlearn. A big shout out to our mentor @destinysaid. I saw a need to convert ones SBD to steem because it's gonna be having much value in the future.
So much wealth of information was shared.



Indeed, I can't discuss all here but a few.
We look forward to creating our own account as Uniben Steemians. University of Benin is a prestigious school consisting of about 77,000 students. Therefore we look forward to getting this young talented minds into steemit and at the same time, eradicating poverty.

Students will be able to pay their school fees and sponsor their academic bills without stressing their aged parents who struggle to earn a living based on financial constraints.

Poverty is one of the major contributors to increase in crime rate. We can participate in alleviating poverty through this project, "Steemit Campus Invasion", and through this, the rate at which students want to engage in social menace and illegal means of getting money will reduce. This, love and growth will be promoted.

In other words, since poverty is a cankerworm that pierces through the fabrics of our nation, how about its absence?

It's absence Will definitely serve as a lubricant that will help students in materializing their ideas, thus building a better future through their innovations. For the betterment of our society, country, continent - Africa and for the entire world at large.


This vision will be extended to all universities here in Nigeria, as it has began with Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe and The great University of Benin.

Here is the flier

Here in Uniben, most of the steemians are of the masculine gender, so we look forward to recruiting the female. Encouraging them that they too are assets to the development of the community and not a liability as they have been told. Thus, encouraging gender equality.

The STEEMIT CAMPUS INVASION by @destinysaid also has a section for free giveaways, where several prizes will be won. If the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, then we must be carried along and encouraged.


A big shout out to @africaunchained and @steemnaira communities. To my mentors @destinysaid, @michaelcj, @dante31, @surpassinggoogle, @donkeypong etc

And to my fellow UNIBEN STEEMIANS, I appreciate your indefatigable efforts towards the attainment of these goals - @danpete, @kingeazi, @motivatorjoshua, @hornblende, @searchengine, @epaphrasdaniel, @paskoloo, @rexsanguis, @dante31, @tikhub, @owoblow-steemit, and my humble self @gracehills

I appreciate my friends and those who have constantly treated me with so much warmth of love, @stevenmosoes, @ponmile, @aderonkemi, and my brother who introduced me to Steemit @aauthespian1.

Our main aim to help students utilize their talents. Uniben itself is made up of multitalented students - graphics designers, artists, writers, instrumentalists, musicians... Name it.

I remain your lovely @gracehills

God see us through as we journey to the Zenith.


Steemit has grown far beyond personal gains and tribalism. It's reuniting people of different ages and tribes with different talents and abilities. Thanks @gracehills, @destinysaid and other that made this meetup possible.

You're welcome. You really said it all. Thanks for sharing too.

Greatest Gbaga, UNIBEST, Ever Corrosive...Proud Alumini, my people go represent. Nice one guys

Great @gracehills
Keep it up...
Meet ups are cool, we learn everyday..

Indeed true.
I'm really really really really grateful for your constant support.

Amazing simply amazing meeting you guys today definitely gave me a lot if insight into the world of steemit.. Thanks man

You're welcome bro. Thanks for coming around. A big shout out to @destinysaid for everything.

I cant really express how happy i am to see youths jumping out from their cormfotable houses to make the steemit meet up at uniben work..
Thanks to my boss @destinysaid for the energy he is putting into this... And weldone bro @gracehilla, may grace fall on you

Amen and you too.
Thanks for your appreciative response.

It was a nice meet up and i learnt alot from it. God bless you for the write up @gracehills. Good to see you today as well.

Amen. Thanks and you too.
I'd always wanted to see you. Today, I thank God I did.

Nice meeting you too
It was really an amazing meeting
Was graced to meet @motivatorjoshua @destinysaid and many more

Same here boss... God bless you.

Nice, really nice.. I must say @destinysaid is a coach

Indeed, he is.

It was really an awesome time

We hope for more.

Thats right brother, we will put steem on the map in UNIBEN and Nigeria at large, one step at a time. Thanks for the mention

You are welcome bro

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