At the early stages of your career, YOUR initial earnings may just be quite little. It could Just be enough to provide you some basic personal needs and nothing more than that. Overtime, you would have the desire to possess some higher quality and quantities of materials or make some social involvements. You would also want to achieve your personal aspirations of which your partner, spouse or family could either not afford the cost or may not be willing to Fund since they won't risk their money on a woman's career. In as much as they were reluctant about funding your education or career development, your Family would also make some financial demands on you because they believe that you have a job through which you make some money. This Will increase your desire to earn higher amounts of money than you earn from your Job.
Unfortunately, you could be amongst the large population of women who were unable to start any jobs for the first time after their education. You could also be a victim of the common situation whereby women Fall in and out of jobs and your career growth rate becomes delayed. At this level. facing your financial demands would be quite frustrating.
Jobs can be lost but professions are never lost. Your Professional skill is a possession that lives within you. The frustrating working conditions provided workers by employers could make you lose your Jobs but it Won't make you lose your skills. If your employer sacks you from the job or your customer quits business with you, you have lost a job. But that does not bring a halt to your profession.
Whether self-employed or hired, get involved in any activities that will grant you new skills and make perfect your already existing skills. Even though there is a high rate of unemployment, you can always find a Job if you have vast and high level of skills in any professions that you chose to practice.

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ref:- Esther U. Okoye

About girls foundation

The girls foundation is a project set up to enlighten young ladies of their norms and value, advocate for the girl-child, encourage and support them with the little we can.We believe the girl-child can bring about change in our society. Women are essential to the nation because they take care of its children, the children are the future leaders of the nation, if you are familiar with the bible you must have heard of this verse “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he won‟t depart from it”.Girls foundation was founded by a group of selfless ladies, it is a non�governmental organization and believes in decentralization.


  • To enlighten youths of their purpose in life. We believe once you know the truth and purpose of your existence you are free, the journey to success and failure now lies in your hands.
  • Rape free society- Rape is a sexual assault carried out against a person forcefully. The rate at which girls are being raped these days is alarming, we are also humans and we deserve respect. Most rape victims suffer from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, serious injuries and in some cases pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.
  • Fight against domestic violence- it is also known as intimate partner violence, domestic abuse or family violence; it's a form of violence committed in a domestic or family setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It is called intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse and called family violence when it involves the kids, parents or elders. Domestic violence has several effects on human that's is why girls foundation is picking it up. Effects of domestic violence
    includes :
    1.) Physical effect: This involves bruises round the victim, broken wrists, shortness of breath etc.
    2.) Mental effect: This involves PTSD (post-traumatic stress),
    pressing, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts etc.
    3.) Emotional effect: This involves feeling unworthy, hopeless and not motivated etc.
    4.)It affects the development of the kids and they suffer from
    depression, anxiety, fear etc
    Domestic violence always produces an international cycles of
    violence. Funny, only few people see themselves as being abused; considering it as family matter.
  • Girl education: Some people still believe that training a female child is a waste of time and money 'cause they feel she'd still end up in the kitchen, well sorry to disappoint you but ladies can do much more than just being house wives, lots of educated women are doing fine in our society today. Every child deserves equal right to education.We don't think anyone should be treated differently because of their gender, we are all one and it's high time we realized that.


The primary aim of the girls foundation is to enlighten youths and increase the awareness of the steem blockchain and steemit. Giving girls the ability to create wealth with their writing skills, without waiting for the government intervention.


We would so much be glad and grateful if you could support @girlsfoundation with your Delegation by simply clicking any of the preferred links below. Many Thanks for your support.

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*Our utmost gratitude goes out to @adollaraday, @fundition, @wafrica and @surfyogi, @pennsif, @bleepcoin, @ackza and @riverhead @joythewanderer @adetorrent @demotruk for their support. We really appreciate your kindness.

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