Their Cup Is Not Empty.


One of the very few things l picked during my stay with the girls is understanding what it means to help solve their problems. Before anyone could get inyo their problems solved, you must first learn to get into their world. This l see the only way you can understand the feelings of of women especially these young ones. When you are a man, it looks so different to them. Sharing their problems with you obviously looks weird. It only will take you to get down with them so as to win their trust. It is so special.


However, one must keenly conclude that these girls in our society already are filled with their own beautiful personal ideas. Getting a whole new ideas into their mind is not as easy as one may presume. But getting to know about this is yet another issue to handle. Their minds are preoccupied with great visions which in some years later will look so much significant. All we need to do in the society as leaders is to come to a realization that , the youngs girls in our setting do have beautiful ideas which oir guidance will perfect their well being.


*Girlfoundationgh is here today to share with all steemians today. If we change the way we think aboit things or people it certainly will help. Help bring out the best in young girls in school. They are assets of our society. Thanks for passing through today. *


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