The official Twitter Account is there!

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Hello everyone,

in this article I want to present you our brandnew official @dlike profile on Twitter and I want to invite you to follow & support it!

Here is the link to our new official Dlike account on Twitter:

As my role as a Steem-Ambassador (@steem-ambassador) and one of the social media heads of the platform I have created this account to promote @dlike outside of Steemit and with it our great Steemit Socialmedia-Blogging-Platform too. People who wants to join dlike have to sign-up on Steemit too and so it's a promotion account for Steemit & Dlike together! 👍

We also already received a re-tweet by a Silicon Valley Software Engineer & Business Angel with over 15000 Followers.



trennlinien00050.gif is also creating one of the first Smart Media Tokens (SMT's) on the Steem Blockchain and the dlike Tokens are starting when the Smart Media Tokens are ready to launch. You can already start to collect these Tokens by using the platform for publishing articles, writing comments and more & more features will follow!

You can also earn bounty rewards for publishing videos about for example and we are still searching for more promoters & social media marketers. You already have experience in social media marketing and you are interested to become a part of the Dlike team for social media promotions?

Just send me a message in the Steem Chat or Discord with your application (my username is @future24 there too) and I will forward your application to the founder of 👌

Here you can also join the official Dlike Discord chat, where you can ask questions and where you can share your Dlike articles:


Have fun and Steem-On everyone!

Jonas - @future24


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Very good blog sir ,thanks for share


@future24 D like thanks for sharing
I follow you😎


Thank you

@future24 sir!
I have created an account on twitter today,
for following you on Twitter..

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Thanks to @future24

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Thanks a lot!
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