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Minimum of 50 people from my city will come!

If youre gonna ask how badly they need it this is the proof! Come July 21 artists from around pampanga will join together to learn about blockchain technology! That's a huge step toward my goal of reaching out to different communities to promote amazing projects and movements happening here on steemit.


- How to sign-up on steemit? - with the help of Terry @surpassinggoogle, signing up wont take too long as he promised to help artists get their acounts with his temporary delegations. This way we can show them the power of steemit as soon as possible and theyll be able to promote this platform themselves.

- How to cash-out? - the biggest difference of steemit with other social media platforms is that they can earn money just by sharing their knowledge here in this case their artworks.

- What is @slothicorn? - for me this is the best community that can help artists here on steemit.
- other ways to earn on steemit? - ill be showing them how to navigate through different tags especially contest tags and personalities who run them. I'll also share some other amazing communities like #promo-steem @oracle-d @steem-ambassador @dlive @dtube and also games like @steemgar.

The goal is to create a group where artists here on the philippines support each other with blockchain technology and steemit. Were planning to conduct multiple seminars each month then create an event where we conduct real world contests to showcase their talents!


School seminar!

If we get students to learn about steemit and use blockchain technology therell be a huge adoption on the platform for the long term in which everyone will benefit.

She approached me to do a seminar for her students.

An art adviser from a local school asked me how much would it cost her for me to share my knowledge in blockchain technology to her students. Ofcourse i said that ill gladly do it for free but i could use some help. I wanted to show the power of support thay we have here on steemit, lets make multiple real world contests together inside these schools! Even a simple raffle draw will create a powerful message that steemit is the real deal in the internet world full of scammers.

I also asked few passionate people that are willing to help me on these seminars, we could really use some support via upvote/donation. Thank you for the support @starkerz @anarcotech @juliakponsford @maverickinvictus @surpassinggoogle @wolfnworbeikood @tpkidkai.

PS: As thisll be the first blockchain seminar inside a school in my city, ill try my best to promote this again on TV.


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this is great sir. this is also my plan for Guhit Pinas - Antique Chapter. Anyway Sana ma invite mo sumali sina sir jhune lobo and sir Erwin Dayrit also at sa ibang members pa ng GP - Pampanga

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