My members sign-up!

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In this video, you'll see our actual sign-up on Steemit hopefully, they'll get approval after the event so they can post their performances and TV interview in time.

Most of my invites registered on their own pc from their homes but I have few who came to create this video of our signup with Steemit as well as


We talked about personal discipline with regards to money, we often do this by letting each person speak about the topic then after everyone's turn is done we'll get to a unanimous conclusion. This method is quite amazing cos it gives out the sense of sharing on important topics and specially decisions that will choose the path of our group.

Honestly, I didn't think that I'll be able to teach them what I know in a short amount of time I've been here with steemit but here we are and there are amazing people behind this. @starkerz @anarcotech @surpassinggoogle hopefully we meet soon* @steem-ambassador 40 more to go! and @tpkidkai thank you always!

##February Event & TV news coverage (2 days only!)

Thank you Steemit! Thank you for reading! Happy promoting!

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Mabuhay Steemit Philippines. Community of like mind, beautiful people.

Mabuhay! Thank you po!

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