Shoutout To #Promo-Steem: 1UP Will Upvote 10 Of Your Posts Every Day

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With the upcoming 1UP community voting system the #promo-steem tag will become one of our ten featured communities that will start directly on level one. This will enable ten promoters every day to profit from 1UP's smart community trail and the 1UP-voting bot.


Hardfork 20, Just In Time For 1UP And Steem

At the moment, account creation is the bottleneck for the entire Steem blockchain. This has slowed down efforts for promotion until we finally will see the next hardfork 20: Velocity in a few weeks. The bottleneck will be closed and dApps can offer direct account creation via a new form of regenerable power similar to voting power. The promotion floodgates can finally be opened and shout the Steem blockchain out into the world.

The 1UP community voting app will come out in October and offer everyone to create a community based on a tag. This will pull all that content into a special 1UP ranking list where everyone can give up to ten posts per day a special 1UP. All of these 1UPs are equal and have no initial value. But the more 1UPs a single post recieves the higher it will rise in the community ranking list. Every 2.4 hours the highest post will be upvoted by the smart community trail and then by 1UP itself.


#promo-steem Trailers and 1UP-Vote

The community trail sorts automatically all supporters/trailers of the #promo-steem tag from smallest vote value to highest vote value and puts them in front of the 1UP-vote. With that the curation rewards become more profitable than with any other system as 1UP will take the greatest loss. This will make it easy for everyone to support the promotion efforts of Steemians while generating high curation rewards for themselves.

To be able to give the ten daily availble 1UP-votes to a post in any community, a minimum User Authority (UA) score from @steem-ua will be required. This new alternative reputation system will help us to make all votes equal. It will be up to the community itself to make use of that possibility and reward with their scarce 1UPs specifically posts from the #promo-steem tag.


Visibility and Quality Effect

As we can see with the huge success of @steem-ua that there is a massive demand for alternatives to the current system. 1UP will create the platform with its own SMT for exactly that, so that the entire reward pool is entirely reserved for the few hivemind selected posts. We will come out with a big bounty system to make it attractive for delegators which will allow 1UP to grow to substantial numbers even before the SMT is released next spring.

That means that the upvote value from 1UP will become something desirable and result in more quality content in order to get the precious 1UPs. People will try harder and do better campaigns and visibility efforts for Steem in order to create a big 1UP chance. At the same time all #promo-steem authors will be found more easily and there will even be people hunting for the next best unkown author to receive extra bounties.



Conclusion: 1UP Loves #promo-steem

It is obvious that the promotion efforts for Steem need more fire and 1UP will help to spark it. The Steemians from the #promo-steem community deserve more attention and higher rewards for their important work of bringing the social media blockchain out to the world. And making it lucrative to trail the community makes it easy to find plenty of supporters who enrich the value for their members best content.

The same principle enables all communities on the Steem blockchain to gain visibility, quality and rewards.

More information about 1UP in my latest Utopian update and on the 1UP Discord channel.


Looking For Community Manager

1UP is looking for a #promo-steem community manager. You should have already done some efforts under the tag. You will be rewarded with 1UP bounties for the upcoming 1UP Smart Media Token. Please contact me on Discord.

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This is great news for #Promo-Steem. Every little helps. With so much great promoting work going on around the World unrecognised, this hopefully should help a little. When I kicked off #Promo-UK and ultimately #Promo-Steem over 18 months ago my vision was very clear. Effective marketing should be recognised and rewarded. There should not be a mis-allocation of rewards when it comes to distribution to effective marketing and promotion initiatives. Thanks for the support. I am sure a lot of users using #Promo-Steem will welcome this. Stephen


I am happy to create special 1UP bounty campaigns for your community. And if you connect me with people who would like to create that with me send them over to the 1UP Discord channel.


We will be in touch This is really really really awesome news! We have some Delegation to the @steem-amabssador account and 67 elected steem ambassadors curate promo steem work already. we use a 3 out of 3 voting system. i.e. 3 ambassadors upvote one post then the main pot of steem upvotes. this may assist you with curation. Ill be in touch on discord.

That's a great news. I will definitely want to join this community

Good way to push Steem to moon and also using the latest UA module it gonna be superb👍

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Hi @flauwy!

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

But the more 1UPs a single post recieves the higher it will rise in the community ranking list.
It should be receives instead of recieves.


Lmfao what a bot

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