Tell them STEEMIT is a Gold Mine

in promo-steem •  8 months ago

I have been reading posts by other steemians which are very good concerning steemit promotion

Delete Facebook and Join Steemit DQmTCvNQXq2cmrxmYu8RUr7jknVMawRCMi1tX8X3QWHvgW3.jpgSource

This is a great initiative but then I ask myself this question that there are over millions of people on facebook who haven't heard of steemit who are part of our friends list.

People are joining facebook everyday so let's still keep our facebook account and let's preach the good news about steemit there as well

My part is this, let us use facebook to promote steemit.

This is a post I did some time ago

Let us rise up now and preach steemit on all platforms. Let us tell them that WE HAVE FOUND A GOLD MINE


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Hi author! I just resteemed & upvoted your post!
I can also re-steem and upvote some of your other posts.
Check out @resteemyou's introduction post.

Indeed, Think, Post, Earn 😉


Yhyh..exactly brother