#deletefacebook #joinsteemit Day # 05 in Islamabad, Pakistan Campaign supporting @stephenkendal

in #promo-steem4 years ago

DeleteFacebook JoinSteemit 4m x 2m banner.jpgHi Steemians,
Here is Ejtehad Bangash I am introducing little my self. I am Software Engineer living in islamabad pakistan. And join steemit this month on the suggestion of a friend @murtaza78. And I am happy to join and decide to start a campaign in Islamabad, Pakistan. That more users came here and make this platform more familiar here. I decide to make posters and aware people to join this platform and prevent themselves for wasting time on facebook.

Supporting Sir @stephenkendal

Me and my friend Murtaza

Support us in the campaign and expect to be more positive response.

#deletefacebook #joinsteemit

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