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This week we drop down to 5 projects left in the running, and it being December 31st, 2019 locally at the time of writing I feel that it is just the right time to call it a contest well played! Scroll down to see all the prizes being distributed!

There is more to write, and I will mine this contest for lessons and promotional material in the future. I continue to build on #steem and I would encourage all of you out there to keep building, keep dreaming, keep doing and to keep sharing!



I believe #steem has found a bottom and consolidated, and is well positioned to again be considered by the outside world. What will they find? Not a blogging platform, but a robust platform of platforms capable of doing very interesting things fast and freely.

My brothers and sisters are those who, like me, see this frontier of opportunities and seek to build something of value (in/on/at).


Twitter bonus rewards -

@sacra97, @definethedollar, @freedomtowrite, @mariannewest

@mariannewest for her suggestions, and I am also awarding @fitinfun with some bonus units, recognizing her help with understanding twitter since almost a year ago, as well as more recently.


Income Mining

This past week we had 6 projects nominated:

@radiosteemit, @freewritehouse, @innerblocks, @needleworkmonday, @cooperfelix, @solairitas


These prizes are a type of mining of INCOME token, which is an entertainment token, because laws. It is designed to pay out its entertaining dividends as SBI units, and simply holding or hodling INCOME is enough to get entered in 5 daily SBI draws. Buy some here or earn by participating weekly!

These tokens are designed to be held long term by projects with a long-term vision on #steem, as a support token. Projects should feel free to sell these prize tokens, but know that a significant mining stake of 20-30+ INCOME tokens will only be achieved by the most active participants.


Thank you to everyone for participating in my first long term contest, from phase 1 list builder through Phase 2 Selfi Bonanza. As mentioned before I will be going through the whole process after this conclusion, but I am happy to conclude with 5 FANTASTIC projects that have earned some long term support throughout this contest.

Here are our winners:







I added a dime so that each of five projects could take home 248 SBI units each!



Our sponsors are on notice, and invited to share their prize contribution!

@maxuv has generously donated 500 MAXUV votebonds to the prize pool. These asset-backed vote bonds are designed to deliver votes relative to 1 million SP. Anti-reward curve vote bonds - availabe on steem-engine!

And we have the wildy talented @improv, who is always joking up a storm over on his blog. Check out especially Punday Monday for weekly SBI and POCKET prizes!

We also have @TMPS! An intriguing new fund management project, I will be sharing 3 TMPS tokens with both participants and projects this week! Hold them for votes and steemp dividends.

Since #STEEM gets its value from what is built on top of it, shouldn't we all choose quality projects to support long term? This is my conjecture, and I will continue to develop along these lines.

I manage the INCOME entertainment Fund with this in mind as well, and will continue to keep my eyes open for active people and projects looking to add-value using #steem.

Here's to a prosperous #2020!


Many thanks to @ecoinstant for the hard work in organising this contest. I shall summon my alter @maxuv to distribute the MAXUV tokens to each winner. Good to see such different types of projects, especially so many that involve physical activities beyond the digital realm.

Will chat to you all soon.

Mercifully painless so far!
3 groups have been sent 100 MAXUV each - 2 more to go :-)

Thank you @ecoinstant, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint 👍

Thank you so much for this unexpected boost, @ecoinstant! I am so grateful to you. All of your hard work on this project is remarkable, and I am very happy to be involved. I will have a twitter tips post out (soon) I hope. My health has not been good, but the post is on my list.

I'm really happy with all the new action out there on twitter, and think it will help STEEM grow. The better we can all do with our tweeting action, the more impact we will have.

I am thrilled to see your help to @freewritehouse and that we are still on your list. This has been my rock and best place to post daily for over two years now, and support like yours is so needed and welcome.

Happy New Year, and may we all thrive together in 2020!

Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @ecoinstant.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

Thanks for your 1002.11SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 25% team-cn upvotes!

Hi @ecoinstant, a modest tip of appreciation:

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Hi @ecoinstant, a free $trendotoken from the TULIP Mania Game!
Round 3 will start soon and full details will follow. Thanks for playing!

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Gracias que maravilla @ecoinstant agradecida con el premio. Me encanta estos concursos con participación e iniciativas nuevas. Felicitaciones @radiosteemit, @freewritehouse, @innerblocks, @needleworkmonday, @cooperfelix, @solairitas, @definethedollar, @freedomtowrite, @mariannewest.

Feliz año nuevo 2020

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The CooperFelix-Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition or following the project at the link: THE CF-M PROJECT.


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Thank you so much!! You are the best!!
We will do our best to have lots of fun activity at the freewritehouse.

Thank you so very much @ecoinstant for putting together this weekly contest to reward those who are building on STEEM! Your work and generosity is greatly appreciated as this inspires communities to keep on trucking towards our goals!

We the @needleworkmonday community will continue to support the needleworkers of Steemit and inspire this blockchain! Thank you so very much ~

#NeedleWorkMonday is an initiative that supports and rewards the needlework community while inspiring the Steemit blockchain. You can read more about us by visiting our FAQs.

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Written by @crosheille on behalf of the @needleworkmonday community ~

Congratulations to the winners 🙏🥂


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Twenty SBI for each!

Woohoo! Thanks for this opportunity to do something fun and win some great things!

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