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Hi, good evening guys. The heavy rain has just stopped and the weather is so freaking cold here in my hometown, Kota Belud. This weather reminds me of the Kundasang, Ranau because it normally has a cold weather😅.

So thinking about the cold weather, its remind me about the place we went yesterday to have our lunch.


If you have read my post before, Link here I have written about Kundasang, Ranau. After we visited the Cats village at Mesilau, we had our lunch at H. Benjamin Residence.


Well, this is my first time going here and my first impression is like "wow" this place is so amazing and nice. I can't stop talking about how beautiful this place was. The flowers are so pretty and It feels like I was at overseas.



The food was delicious too. It serves western and eastern food and the price was affordable. Only that, they took so much time to served us and after we ordered we waited almost half hour to have our food. Not just that, our drinks only come after we finished eating and after we keep telling them we don't have our drinks yet. But we just think positive because there are so many guests yesterday at the H.Benjamin Restaurant.

Pic by HB Residence. We ate outside so I didn't take a pics inside the restaurant

how it looks like outside

we ate outside to feel the cold weather

The H.Benjamin Residence also provides a room to stay. You guys can check the room rates at their website



Even though i always visited Kundasang, but I never knew about this. So, im so glad i know this place. Next time, i would love to come here again.

Thank you for reading.
Love, @Debbie89

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It does look nice, with all the flowers and I like the bricks. I guess the food and drink service could have been faster, but they were busy like you said. I'm glad the food was good and you had a nice time there!


Hi @kenny-crane how are you? Oh, I really had a nice time there. I think i need more holiday so i can enjoy many great places haha.

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Ok thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you @davidke20. Wow that was cool. Will try it out next time.

This seems like a really nice place @debbie89 !

What was your favourite dish for this place?

Did you use the @steemitworldmap embedded codes for your post, instead of just using its hashtag?

You can pin point this location using their website here



Hi littlenewthings Well it was my 1st time came there and i odered rice + sweet and sour fish and honey chicken. Both was delicious 😃.

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